Achieving greatness, creating a legacy
About Rockpanel

Achieving greatness, creating a legacy

There’s something special about truly great architecture. When you look at it you know that the original vision has been executed and no concessions have been made. Great architecture is always the result of combining new ideas with the latest materials and technology while staying true to the original vision. Of course, the more an architect pushes the boundaries of possibilities the more the project calls for expert partners to ensure that the vision is achieved.

Release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living

Utilising flexible, aesthetically versatile building materials allow architects to dream big and result in spaces where residents can feel comfortable and inspired.

All our Rockpanel products are made from natural volcanic rock – basalt, a sustainable source that enables the façade boards to combine the benefits of stone and wood in one product. Incredibly hard wearing and extremely versatile, all of our products are at the cutting edge of today’s, and tomorrow’s architectural landscape.

Looking behind the facades of success

Working hard to improve modern life for generations to come

For over 25 years, our products have helped to create comfortable and beautiful spaces that are as impressive now as the day they were unveiled. All over Europe, architects have the freedom to unleash their creativity while society gets to enjoy the spaces created with our Rockpanel façades.

We produce the panels in a unique and innovative process that converts the rock into a robust, easy to work with façade cladding material that delivers a unique set of benefits.

Because of its origin, the maintenance costs of our products are kept to a minimum, colours remain stable and the material does not delaminate or rot. This means that your vision is kept looking original, fresh and eye catching. In fact, it’s acknowledged that our boards lifespan is up to 60 years.

Truly sustainable with the endless freedom to design

We all share the same home - earth - and we want to ensure that it’s a great place to live for future generations. The raw material we use is both readily available and sustainable – our wonderful planet actually creates more basalt each year than we are using. Through our unique and highly efficient manufacturing process we are able to produce more than 400 m² Rockpanel boards from 1 m³ of basalt.

And when it’s time to exercise your creativity again, our boards are nearly fully recyclable and can be used for the production of new stone wool products without any loss of quality. Moreover, up to 50% of our raw material can consist of recycled materials. 

Choosing sustainable products doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. As many projects throughout Europe and the rest of the world have shown, cutting edge architecture and sustainability can live together in perfect harmony.

We’re built on solid foundations

We are proud to be part of the ROCKWOOL Group – the world leader in stone wool solutions. Because we are built on the solid foundations of our globally recognized parent company we are in a much stronger position to be innovative, fast and flexible.

For over 80 years, the ROCKWOOL Group has been committed to empowering everyone to rise to the development challenges of modern living. By using stone, one of the world’s most abundant natural resources, you can make a lasting impact across generations.

Our most important asset is our people, and we do what we do with an unmatched enthusiasm. We share our knowledge to support you in creating amazing facades that truly bring an architects vision to life. Our range of façade board material can be seen in some of Europe’s best housing developments, manufacturing facilities and of course public and commercial buildings.

The secrets of modern living

As if that’s not enough reasons to choose Rockpanel board material, you can also specify our boards for sustainable building projects such as Passive Housing, where zero emissions are required.