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Sustainable facade cladding

With ROCKPANEL external facade cladding you can create a bold statement

ROCKPANEL Colours innovative Facade Cladding / Rainscreen Cladding

ROCKPANELs innovative board material is especially suitable as sustainable facade cladding for ventilated facade systems. A bold statement can be created for the ‘skin of a building’ with ROCKPANEL. A building that catches the eye, holds it and tells the story in just one look. ROCKPANEL facade / rainscreen cladding offers a rich design and colour range combined with a board material which can be shaped easily to the form you require, supporting your freedom of expression.

ROCKPANEL offers a highly flexible range of products which are easy to work, cost efficient and aesthetically attractive. With ROCKPANEL, waste is minimised and installation time is reduced.

ROCKPANEL facade / rainscreen cladding has been used in new build and renovation projects for many years.

Because ROCKPANEL possesses a number of unique properties, it can be used to create just about any facade. ROCKPANEL exterior cladding is:

ROCKPANEL Colours innovative Facade Cladding / Rainscreen Cladding 

Besides the fact that ROCKPANEL facade cladding is suitable for use in ventilated constructions, ROCKPANEL Colours (without a ProtectPlus layer) is vapour-permeable and can also be used in non-ventilated constructions.

Working possibilities for facade cladding

ROCKPANEL can be processed as exterior facade cladding in the following ways:


Wooden/aluminium construction, ventilated and unventilated*

Shiplap (Easy Fix)

Ventilated, on a wooden construction


Ventilated, on a wooden construction

* For lower facades and window frames. For non-ventilated use contact ROCKPANEL for information and advice.

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Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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