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ROCKPANEL: designing for a sustainable future

ROCKPANEL Group is part of the ROCKWOOL International A/S Group, a company with sustainability in its nature. The company was heavily involved in the 2011 Copenhagen summit. It was also one of the first companies to invest in environmental management and reporting under ISO 14001. In addition the Group has always invested in recycling facilities and processes at its factories.

As part of the ROCKWOOL Group, ROCKPANEL has always embraced the need to act as a sustainable company. Starting from a good place with boards made from a readily available and renewable material, which allows ROCKPANEL to make a clear statement with a product that is sustainable from beginning to end. The natural raw material, the efficient manufacturing process, the sustainability, safe use and low maintenance make ROCKPANEL a well-considered and responsible choice. Add to that the fact that the boards are fully recyclable and ROCKPANEL fits in effortlessly with every sustainable building process.

A reliable reference for sustainable building

ROCKPANEL products have the same robust properties as they always have and now a rigorous, independent assessment has shown that they are an environmentally friendly choice when compared to other types of cladding material. For everyone who aims to develop, design or build sustainably the choice to use ROCKPANEL products offers a high performance solution, which fits perfectly with the government drive towards sustainable design, purchase and construction of public and private buildings.

With the result of the BRE Global work, and listings in the BRE Green Book Live, designers can now get the benefit of improved ratings by using ROCKPANEL materials in design based building assessments such as BREEAM.

In short, from now on with ROCKPANEL you are writing more than a story. You are writing history.

Environmental Profiles of
Construction Products SD028
Certificate no. ENP 427

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