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BRE Global A+/A¹ rated

ROCKPANEL: independently approved as an A+/A rated facade cladding

Sustainability has now become an important criterion in the choice of materials for construction projects. This means that the parties involved have to be able to make substantiated choices in favour of more sustainable materials. These choices should be based on independently verified facts and figures.

ROCKPANEL took up the challenge and had the environmental performance of its products assessed by the authoritative BRE Global, part of the Building Research Establishment (BRE), a British research and certification centre respected worldwide for its independent expertise.

On the basis of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), BRE Global granted ROCKPANEL an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that showed that our products are acknowledged as amongst the best performing in their category with A+ and A ratings for various structures. This is excellent recognition for all the effort that we have made so far – and continue to make – in the field of sustainable construction.

It is also recognition which provides an assurance that opting in favour of low maintenance ROCKPANEL facade cladding in a sustainable construction project is a responsible choice

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) by Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  • Third party verified
  • Life Cycle assessment (LCA) performed from cradle to grave based on ISO standards
  • Only A+ rated and A rated elements
  • Officially acknowledgement of 60 years lifetime
  • Feeds into design based building assessments such as BREEAM


BREEAM-UK (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) assesses building products in the UK market. BREEAM UK references the Green Guide as credits are awarded on a sliding scale for using building elements with particular ratings.

The Green Guide looks at the life-cycle environmental impacts associated with a product from extraction of raw materials to disposal at end of life across 13 different categories of environmental issues.

Most of ROCKWOOL insulation products achieve A+ and A ratings in the BRE Green Guide. The production process and raw materials of ROCKPANEL products is largely the same as the ROCKWOOL products. The combination of ROCKWOOL insulation with ROCKPANEL board material in rainscreen cladding allows designers to tick many green boxes in their design vision.

BREEAM Excellent: Innovation Center Think Tank, Lincoln (UK) with ROCKPANEL Chameleon cladding

Environmental Profiles of
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