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Sustainable from beginning to end

The Life Cycle Assessment, conducted by BRE Global, assessed ROCKPANEL facade cladding in accordance with a number of specific environmental criteria. This independent assessment and audit confirmed positive scores across the board. On the basis of the assessment, ROCKPANEL constructions obtained only A+ and A scores.

The products are shown to deliver environmental benefits throughout their life cycle including the following phases…


Raw materials

ROCKPANEL is a product based on basalt, a natural raw material with inexhaustible, readily accessible reserves. In accordance with Group policy, raw materials are sourced as close to the production site as possible. The natural production of basalt is greater than the worldwide demand for stone wool products.


Production process

As a member of the ROCKWOOL Group, ROCKPANEL is committed to environmentally sound production practices. The products are produced using green energy. Processing waste is recycled and as raw material returned to the production process. Maximum twenty-five per cent of the raw material can consists of recycled materials. Thanks to a highly efficient manufacturing process, over 400 m² of cladding can be produced from 1 m3 of basalt. The manufacturing of ROCKPANEL boards is ISO 14001 certified. The products have water-based primer and colour coatings.


Construction and use

ROCKPANEL boards are lightweight, safe to work with and easy to fit. The products are available in various formats and since the coatings are not direction-sensitive, the waste during installation is kept to a minimum. ROCKPANEL products are classified as fireproof building materials, are extremely weather resistant and remain unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity. The boards require little maintenance, do not have to be cleaned using toxic substances and are fireproof. The ROCKPANEL boards have an independently certified life of no less than 60 years.



ROCKPANEL boards can be fixed in various ways and is highly suitable for fixing systems that are designed with future dismantling in mind. The products are fully recyclable and can be used for the production of new stone wool products without any downgrading in quality.

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