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Sustainable projects

ROCKPANEL boards tick the green boxes for designers in various projects. The boards are applied in sustainable projects throughout Europe where they allow the designer to give a sustainable project the desired look and feel.

Haus Kaspar - Villarlod (Switzerland)Sleephellingskade - Rotterdam (The Netherlands)Passive house De Kroeven - Roosendaal (The Netherlands)Recycling Centre - Bangor (Northern-Ireland)

Innovation Center Think Tank – Lincoln

Attempts to make the Think Tank carbon neutral bit the dust in value engineering, although the project did achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating. From its highly insulated envelope including sustainable ROCKPANEL cladding materials to a green roof seeded to match a Lincolnshire meadow, the building ticks most green boxes.

Besides the project being sustainable, the innovation centre also complies with contemporary architecture. Lincoln is where the fi rst tanks were built in the Great War and now Marks Barfi eld has created a tank-inspired innovation centre. The historic roots of the environment and the building have been integrated in the appearance of the building, using ROCKPANEL Chameleon boards and rivets punching into the facade.

Haus Kaspar - Villarlod (Switzerland)

Haus Kaspar was a sustainable future oriented project in Switzerland, which was build in 2006. Optimal orientation of the building in combination with high insulation values made additional heating redundant. It was the second project in Romandie (CH) to achieve the Minergie- P label. The upper part of the building is a 5 room dwelling and the lower part is an architect agency. The ROCKPANEL Natural boards were applied to create an even more natural look of the building.

Under the effect of the climate the appearance of this hard-wearing, unpainted sheeting material changes. Sunlight provides for a natural weathering and colouring of the sheets. The purest boards out of the ROCKPANEL assortment allow nature to do her work in the design of the outside wall.

Sleephellingskade - Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

In Rotterdam a number of historical buildings are being refurbished into passive house standards. ROCKWOOL Benelux is one of the partners in the project. The monumental apartment block Sleephelling consists of 14 houses and is ready for occupation as of this year. The refurbishment of these historical monuments into low energy standards clearly demonstrates that all types of buildings can be turned into energy efficient buildings. The dormers were cladded with ROCKPANEL Metallics. This project was the first in the Netherlands to receive a ‘Passive Building Quality Mark’ for refurbishment.

Passive house De Kroeven - Roosendaal (The Netherlands)

The Aramis Housing Corporation in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, spearheads a new approach to building design with its project De Kroeven. Three passive houses have been developed and all are finished with façades using ROCKWOOL insulation materials and ROCKPANEL boards. What makes a passive house different from other forms of housing is its combination of optimum interior temperature and very low energy consumption. It provides home owners with an ideal environment of comfortable interior temperatures whilst at the same time reducing energy costs.

Architectural firm Han Van Zwieten on the choice of ROCKPANEL boards: “Monotony is something we want to avoid at all times. Passive living is a way of living, or rather a standard of living, with a future. That should also be apparent in the architecture and the decoration. For our project in the De Kroeven redevelopment district we decisively chose ROCKPANEL cladding boards. Three corner houses have been equipped with bright red ROCKPANEL boards. The colour can be custom-supplied. But the durable nature of ROCKPANEL products also appealed to us. It is 100% recyclable. That too is the future...”.

Read more about the passive houses in Roosendaal

Recycling Centre - Bangor (Northern-Ireland)

The Bangor Recycling and Environmental Information Centre, opened in June 2008, set a new standard for innovative architectural design in the waste recycling sector and has been recognised for its approach through a number of prestigious awards, including a:

  • Special Award for Design and Innovation in Construction at the Royal Ulster Architects Awards 2008;
  • Best Recycling Initiative Award, Sustainable Ireland 2007;
  • Green Apple Award for The Built Environment.

Paul Griffith, Project Architect at Northern Ireland based Michael Whitley Architects says: “The ‘green’ charac- teristics of ROCKPANEL boards are unbeatable, and our brief was to deliver an environmentally sustainable facility which was friendly to the natural environment in its construction and life span. ROCKPANEL solutions are made from sustainable board and are fully recyclable, so we were able to meet our own and our client’s drive for a ‘sustainable’ product approach to the design vision.”

Read more about the Bangor Recycling and Environmental Information Centre

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