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Unventilated applications

Thanks to its unique production process and the characteristics of the raw material, basalt rock, ROCKPANEL can produce unique boards with a vapour open coating, perfect for use in non-ventilated building applications.

ROCKPANEL Rockclad (without ProtectPlus) has a vapour-open structure and can be used in unventilated structures such as:

  • infilling
  • dormers (side walls)
  • soffits
  • fascia boards
  • and other detailing

When using ROCKPANEL for unventilated applications, ventilated glass beading and a ventilation space between the ROCKPANEL and the insulation are not required. This therefore means that:

  • there is additional space for thicker and thus more effective insulation
  • the structure can be made narrower using the same thickness of insulation

In certain cases, ROCKPANEL can be fitted directly onto the existing structure.

For non-ventilated applications of ROCKPANEL Rockclad (without ProtectPlus) following pre-conditions are required:

  • interior climate with a maximum vapour pressure of 1330 Pa (normal housing);
  • the sd values of the materials on the inside of the structure down to the insulation should sum up to at least 10 m; this value can be achieved with a 0.15 m-thick PE membrane as vapour barrier and drywall;
  • the sd values of the materials on the outside of the structure down to the insulation should not amount to more than 2,5 m;
  • the inside of the structure should be airtight so that no warm air (with many grams of moisture per m3) can penetrate the structure;
  • the attachments of the boards to the structure should be water-tight, so that no rainwater or cleaning water can get behind the cladding. Due to this, horizontal joints are not allowed. At vertical joints a 3 mm by 60 mm EPDM self-adhesive foam gasket should be used.

If you are unsure whether you are able to meet these conditions, please contact ROCKPANEL.


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