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Cleaning of ROCKPANEL boards

ROCKPANEL boards and tongue and groove panels are finished with a water-based solution. This solution offers good UV resistance so that the colour is preserved for a long time. It is recommended that the boards be maintained from time to time by cleaning them with water. If desired, the board material and tongue and groove panels can be cleaned with, for example, a car shampoo or an all-purpose cleaner, diluted as indicated on the package. Solvents should not be used in the general cleaning of ROCKPANEL boards and tongue and groove panels.

Extra protection with ProtectPlus

ROCKPANEL boards with a ProtectPlus layer (standard on ROCKPANEL Woods, Metallics and Chameleon, and optional on ROCKPANEL Rockclad) are self-cleaning. Due to the tightly closed surface of the ProtectPlus layer, it is almost impossible for dirt to attach itself. The strength of the ProtectPlus layer means that the surface of the boards can remain dirt free for years to come. The layer does not lose its effectiveness over time, and is therefore one of the best self-cleaning cladding surfaces on the market.

Small spots of dirt and/or paint can be removed with a solvent (with the exception of ROCKPANEL Metallics Aluminium White and Aluminium Grey), such as turpentine, or with the special ROCKPANEL graffiti cleaner. After cleaning with a solvent, always carry out a final cleanse with lukewarm water and an all-purpose cleaner, car shampoo, or dishwashing liquid.

By choosing the ProtectPlus layer, you are guaranteed a board material which will retain its looks for many years to come.


The Natural version discolours under the influence of natural elements such as sunlight, wind, precipitation and environmental factors.

The final effect is dependent on elements at the micro-level. Therefore the exact effect and the uniformity cannot be predicted.

More information on the weathering process and specific processing guides of ROCKPANEL Natural


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