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ProtectPlus, beautiful colours stay beautiful

The most beautiful colours deserve the best protection. Therefore choose the ProtectPlus finish, the most powerful protective layer for ROCKPANEL board material.

This transparent coating makes the boards self-cleaning, so that dirt is washed away by rain water. The coating also improves the board material’s UV resistance, ensuring that the product’s colourfastness is extended still further.

ROCKPANEL Metallics, Woods and Chameleon come with the ProtectPlus finish as standard. ROCKPANEL Rockclad can be treated with a ProtectPlus finish as an option.

The benefits of ProtectPlus are:


  • Dirt-resistant
  • Moisture-proof
  • Lower cleaning costs

The ProtectPlus layer has self-cleaning properties. Because of the hydrophobic character of the coating and its durability, contamination does not adhere to or bond with the surface. Rain and other watering remove contamination easily and the panels stay clean. The panel with a ProtectPlus finish is low maintenance which is a major benefit at difficult to reach applications. And with ProtectPlus all application maintenance costs are significantly reduced.


  • Integrated UV blocker
  • No discolouring
  • Appearance remains like new

ProtectPlus has an integrated UV blocker and ensures excellent colour fastness. The ProtectPlus layer shows no chalking or loss of transparency after these exposure times. The product retains its high performance self-cleaning properties and outstanding resistance to pollution.


  • Graffiti is easy to remove with ROCKPANEL Graffiti Cleaner
  • Leaves no traces afterwards
  • No replacement of sheets necessary

Repeat tests with graffiti and other contamination (synthetic coating, acrylic coating, permanent marker, bitumen) have been made by the independent research institute WTCB. Their results show that even after 5 cycles of cleaning with Likapal® GSIII the graffiti or other contamination is removed completely without affecting the gloss level or colour of the panel. The application and cleaning of graffiti does not influence the appearance and properties of the product. The coating is solvent resistant to most cleaning agents.


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