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Unique customised solutions

More flexibility, greater cost efficiency

ROCKPANEL offers the possibility to prepare custom made boards. Length can be adjusted to your project requirements*.

As a result of ROCKPANEL’s innovative production process, the board can now be delivered in all lengths between:

  • 2500 and 3050 mm,
  • 1700 and 2000 mm and
  • a width of up to 1250 mm.

Even if a certain project requires a custom made thickness, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you on the possibilities.

* Minimal order per length 300 m²

Wern Tarw
Pencoed Bridgend
CF35 6NY
Tel.: +44 (1656) 863 210
Fax: +44 (1656) 863 611
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Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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