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Physical properties

Because of its unique composition, ROCKPANEL offers excellent physical properties when compared with traditional building materials such as wood, fibre cement and HPL board material.


ROCKPANEL is not only durable, but offers many benefits during processing and installation. Due to its light weight, ROCKPANEL is easy to handle on the building site, unlike many other materials, and therefore quicker and easier to install.

Density nominalkg/m³
- ROCKPANEL Durable1050 ± 150
- ROCKPANEL Xtreme1200 ± 100
- ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra1250 ± 100
- ROCKPANEL Ply1000 -100/+150
- ROCKPANEL Lines²1050 ± 150
Nominal mass of surfacekg/m²
- ROCKPANEL Durable 6 mm6,3
- ROCKPANEL Durable 8 mm8,4
- ROCKPANEL Durable 10 mm10,5
- ROCKPANEL Xtreme 8 mm9,6
- ROCKPANEL Xtreme 10 mm12,0
- ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra 9 mm11,25
- ROCKPANEL Lines² 8 mm8,4
- ROCKPANEL Lines² 10 mm10,5

Density nominal ROCKPANEL vs. Traditional building materials

Dimensionally stable

ROCKPANEL is very dimensionally stable. It does not therefore change in length or width with fluctuations in humidity or temperature. ROCKPANEL can in some cases be used seamlessly. For more information on this, contact ROCKPANEL.

Dimensional stability (EN 438-2)mm/(mºK)
- ROCKPANEL Durable10,5 x 10-3
- ROCKPANEL Xtreme11 x 10-3
- ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra9,7 x 10-3
- ROCKPANEL Ply9,7 x 10-3
- ROCKPANEL Lines²10,5 x 10-3
Dimensional stability length/width per
23 ºC/50% RH change 23 ºC/95% RH
(after 4 days)
- ROCKPANEL Durable 6 mm0,303
- ROCKPANEL Durable 8 mm0,302
- ROCKPANEL Xtreme0,324
- ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra0,206
- ROCKPANEL Ply0,241
- ROCKPANEL Lines²0,317

Dimensional stability ROCKPANEL vs. Traditional building materials


In most cases, ROCKPANEL boards are manufactured with a vapour-permeable coating. Because of this, it is possible to use the panels in non-ventilated constructions. For advice on non-ventilated applications, always contact ROCKPANEL.

Another advantage of the vapour-permeability of ROCKPANEL boards is that the thickness of the total construction is reduced. For a constant construction thickness this means that more insulation material can be used.

Vapor transmission Sd at 23 ºC and 85% RHm
- ROCKPANEL Durable Colours1,8
- ROCKPANEL ProtectPlus*3,5
Thermal conductivityWm-1K-1
- ROCKPANEL Durable0,37
- ROCKPANEL Xtreme0,43
- ROCKPANEL Lines²0,35
* Except ROCKPANEL Metallics Grey- en White Aluminium

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Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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