More choice for safe facade design
The new Rockpanel

More choice for safe facade design

We’ve been renewing our entire portfolio of products to offer more choice and deliver a solution for every facade you can imagine. Our new expansive portfolio ranges from Basic Applications all the way through to our Premium Facades. Combine your creativity with our FS-Xtra boards (A2-s1, d0) and there is absolutely no compromise on fire safety.

Within Basic Applications we offer products which are ideal for upgrading and renovating single family homes or small facades. Our Nature Facades segment offers natural looking products which harmoniously blend into the environment and live up to the highest demands of sustainability. When designing more colourful projects, you will be happy to see our Design Facades offering. Here we offer complete freedom in colour, design and shape to achieve any vision. If you do not want any compromise, Rockpanel Premium Facades are your choice. This product range enables you to realise facade solutions without limits.

Welcome to the new Rockpanel Uni range

In stock at our distributors, the new Rockpanel Uni range is ideal for small facades and basic applications. Available in 4 different RAL colours, the range has all the known benefits of Rockpanel board material. The low maintenance Rockpanel Uni board is lightweight, repaintable, easy to handle on the building site and workable like wood. Saving you time and costs. Furthermore Rockpanel Uni is insensitive to moisture. Meaning it doesn’t expand or shrink and sealing of the edges is not required.

Rockpanel Colours

More choice with an extended colour palette

Our existing standard colour range is extended from 24 to 50. The standard colours are available at our central stock and can be ordered at the distributor in any quantity. This will allow you to add additional highlights and flair to a building, with no project delays or additional costs.

In addition the Rockpanel Colours special range is expanded with 44 new colours. Now, with in total 144 shades and tones to choose from, you can specify the colour that will bring your design to life. The entire Rockpanel Colours range is based on RAL and NCS standards for an exact match with other building elements. If you can’t find the colour you need, we still offer our flexible custom colours solution too.

Where aesthetics and fire safety meet

Fire safety is an increasingly important issue in the building industry. For medium and high rise buildings and for other applications where high levels of fire performance are desirable or mandatory, Rockpanel can be ordered in the FS-Xtra (A2-s1, d0) board composition. In combination with mineral wool insulation and applied on an aluminium or steel supporting structure and fixed with blind rivets, it meets the toughest requirements of limited combustibility in Europe.

When there can be absolutely no compromise

There are many occasions when you demand the highest possible standards and where no compromise can be made. Whether you are creating an exclusive design detail or you want a representative building to radiate trust. These projects call for our new Rockpanel Premium range.

Rockpanel Premium boards come standard as FS-Xtra (A2-s1, d0) and are all finished with ProtectPlus. The new range can be specified in any colour or design available from the Rockpanel assortment. Should you not be able to find your favourite colour from our existing selection, then we’ll customize the colour or design to suit your specifications.

And finally, to complete the look you’re after, we can deliver your Rockpanel Premium boards with painted edges in any desired colour and in custom dimensions.



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Release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living

A new offering, a new brand identity

Besides our new offering, we also unveil a new brand identity. This brand evolution, represented amongst others by a new logo and symbol, aligns the branding of the ROCKWOOL Group’s diverse portfolio. As part of the ROCKWOOL family we can now even better demonstrate how we use the natural power of volcanic stone to enrich and transform modern living.