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Installation with nails?

ROCKPANEL; It is possible!

The unique properties of ROCKPANEL boards help designers and contractors to achieve even the most complex details of a project in a low cost and aesthetic way. Designers can achieve the ideal balance between engineered and organic forms.

ROCKPANEL board material can easily be worked on the building site. It can be installed using screws, nails and adhesive. The RAL colours match other building elements beautifully.

In short: so many advantages for the perfect finish around the roof!

Rockpanel always in matching colours? It is possible!

ROCKPANEL always in matching colours? It is possible!

With ROCKPANEL the roof edging or dormer matches the window frames or other building elements beautifully. ROCKPANEL is in fact the only board material available in RAL colours.

Roof edging and paintwork can therefore give your building a smooth and seamless look.

Rockpanel insensitive to moisture? It is possible!

ROCKPANEL insensitive to moisture? It is possible!

With ROCKPANEL, moisture problems are a thing of the past. Edge treatment to protect the edges from moisture is not needed with ROCKPANEL, unlike other board material or laminates ROCKPANEL is insensitive to moisture and temperature: doesn’t expand, doesn’t shrink. So install, and finish detail on-site and you’re done! Saving you time and costs...

Rockpanel strong but flexible? It is possible!

ROCKPANEL strong but flexible? It is possible!

ROCKPANEL combines the advantages of stone and wood in one product. It is as durable as stone and thus not sensitive to humidity or temperature changes. It can be worked as easily as wood, is flexible and lightweight allowing you to achieve roof edges which bend and curve to meet design requirements.

Working Rockpanel with standard tools? It is possible!

Working ROCKPANEL with standard tools? It is possible!

ROCKPANEL can be worked using standard tools. It is easier and much faster to work than other board materials. Easy to saw to size and install without pre-drilling.

Even more advantages: It is possible!

In addition to these advantages, ROCKPANEL has a number of other unique properties and advantages. To find out more, see even more advantages of ROCKPANEL

Installing Rockpanel with nails? It is possible!Rockpanel strong but flexible? It is possible!Rockpanel insensitive to moisture? It is possible!Rockpanel truly lightweight? It is possible!Rockpanel has a corner solution for every detail? It is possible!

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Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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