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Corner solutions

Finishing the edges is only necessary to meet any design or aesthetic requirements. ROCKPANEL offers a range of solutions for an attractive finish for the construction’s corners and edges.

Assembly corner joint with natural dark-brown edges

Without finishing, the basic material changes colour to a natural dark brown through the effect of UV.

Corner profiles in a RAL colour

A solution with a corner profile in a RAL colour ensures a perfect finish.

Corner profile D / Corner profile E

Mitre joint

For the highly skilled installer, a mitre joint can be made with the material, thereby creating a precise and uniform finish.

Important: the minimum panel thickness for this solution is 8 mm.

Edge paint

Finishing the sides with matching colour paint is another option.

Edging paint can be obtained in 750 ml tins from ROCKPANEL*.

* Edging paint can be purchased only with a ROCKPANEL board material order

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