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Fixing guides ROCKPANEL Lines²

Fixing: traditional or innovative

The Lines² tongue-and-groove cladding boards can be mounted in the traditional way, using nails or flat-top screws.

However, Lines² can also be fixed in a more innovative way, using the new mounting clip. Both methods of installation can be used for both Lines² S and Lines² XL.


 TraditionalInnovative (with clip)
Lines² S 10V  
Lines² XL 10V  
Lines² S 8 VV
Lines² XL 8 VV

Traditional installation: Lines² S 10 / Lines² XL 10

The Lines² 10 tongue-and-groove panels can be fixed invisibly by means of ring tacks or flat-top screws, which results in an attractive traditional groove effect.

Innovative installation: Lines² S 8 / Lines² XL 8

To make the fixing of tongue-and-groove panels easier and safer, ROCKPANEL has developed an innovative new clip. The clip ensures that the supporting structure is ventilated more effectively, reducing damp retention and thus increasing the structure’s durability.

Flexible mounting using the clip

With the innovative clip developed by ROCKPANEL, you can choose between a fixed and demountable installation of Lines² S 8 and Lines² XL 8 tongue-and-groove panels. For demountable installation, the tongue-and-groove board is simply inserted into the clip so that each panel can be removed separately.

With Lines² installed in a demountable fashion, each panel can be secured horizontally and vertically. Even when the panels are secured they still can be replaced individually. If horizontal secured fixing is used, automatically a small vertical joint will be applied between the panels.

Clip distance

Lines² S 8151 mm156 mm
Lines² XL 8282 mm287 mm


See how easy the installation of Lines² 8 with the innovative clip is.

Narrow groove, fixed installationWide groove, demountable installation

Advantages of the innovative installation

Mounting of Lines² S 8 and Lines² XL 8 is either with a fixed or demountable attachment, depending on the clip spacing used. Variations of this can be achieved with the working sheet width of 151-156 mm for Lines² S 8 and of 282-287 mm for Lines² XL 8.

The possibility of working with a variable working height offers two advantages:

  1. To achieve an effective wall design, the working width used can be optimised to fit the height of the wall.
  2. Using the different lines options, different groove widths can be created, meaning even greater variation in the interplay of lines.

Connection at ground level

For easy connection at ground level, a ROCKPANEL starting profile (type K) can be used for placement of the lowest section of ROCKPANEL Lines².


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