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For rapid and durable ship lap construction, ROCKPANEL has developed a secret fixing system for cladding boards using a mounting wedge called ROCKPANEL Easy Fix.

The Easy Fix clips onto the boards to allow a simple and stress-free assembly, which pre-sets the position of the fixing screws. Once the ROCKPANEL Easy Fix has been clipped onto the cladding board it can be easily moved into position against the vertical supports.

The following 8 mm ROCKPANEL boards can be used with Easy Fix:

  • ROCKPANEL Rockclad
  • ROCKPANEL Metallics
  • ROCKPANEL Chameleon

Rockpanel Easy Fix
ROCKPANEL board sizes

Gross width (b)

Effective width (bw)

285-340 mmb - 60 mm

Application height

Here you find an overview of the maximum application height of ROCKPANEL Easy Fix based on a site altitude of 50 m and a 2-field span, in different areas of the UK:

Town (distance to sea)Site in country (distance to sea)
VB≤ 2 km≤ 10 km≤ 100 km≤ 2 km≤ 10 km≤ 100 km
24aamax 10 maamax 10 m
23amax. 10 mmax 10 maamax 10 m
22max. 10 mmax. 10 mmax 15 mamax. 10 mmax 15 m
a: one or more of the basic requirements not fulfilledVB: basic windspeed

If one of the basic requirements is not fulfilled or a higher basic windspeed or site altitude is required. ROCKPANEL can be consulted for adjust fixing centres.

When using ROCKPANEL Easy Fix please keep the following requirements in mind:

  • Vertical battens max. 600 mm c.t.c.
  • vertical timber battens with a thickness of at least 28 mm
  • A width of minimal 45 mm at the intermediate battens and minimal 70 mm at the butted joints is recommended. Using two battens of 45 mm next to each other is also possible
  • Quality timber battens according ETA Certificates
  • Fixing with ROCKPANEL stainless steel screws
  • Where expansion joints are used in the building, expansion joints should also be used for the boards

Material quantities

ROCKPANEL Easy Fix clips are supplied in boxes of 200 complete with ROCKPANEL stainless steel screws. Below you find an overview of the number of Easy Fix clips is being used per m² of the facade, based on:


  • board length 3 m
  • fixing centres 600 mm c.t.c.
Effective widthNumber / m2
280 mm7,1
270 mm7,4
246 mm8,1
225 mm8,9

The number of Easy Fix clips to be used can also be calculated by taking 1.7 clips per meter ROCKPANEL board.

A quality finish to every corner

To obtain a quality finish of the corners of the shiplap construction, ROCKPANEL provides a specialy developed profile:

Profile G - Corner profile Easy Fix

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Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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