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Fixing of ROCKPANEL Lines²

ROCKPANEL Lines² is available in 2 versions (different panel thicknesses), which cannot be used in combination with each other.

Method of installation

  Innovative (with clip)Traditional
Panel thicknessfixeddemountablefixed
Lines² S 88 mmVV 
Lines² XL 88 mmVV 
Lines² S 1010 mm  V
Lines² XL 1010 mm  V

Innovative installation of Lines2 S 8 & Lines2 XL 8

To make the fixing of tongue-and-groove panels easier and safer, ROCKPANEL has developed an innovative new clip.

The clip ensures that the supporting structure is ventilated more effectively, reducing damp retention and thus increasing the structure’s durability.

Traditional installation of Lines2 S 10 & Lines2 XL 10

  • ROCKPANEL ring shank nails (EN10088, materialnr. 1.4401 or 1.4578) 2.1/2.3 x 27 with an ultra-flat head. For an even better result ROCKPANEL recommends pre-drilling of the tongue with a steel drill Ø 3mm.
  • Stainless-steel flat-top screws 3.5*30 mm. The tongue should be pre-drilled with a steel drill Ø 3.5mm and the hole for the flat-top screw head should be sunk with a countersink bore. The top of the screw head should be level with the surface of the tongue. Tension in the mounting of the tongue can be avoided by tightening to an appropriate level and by ensuring they are driven in to the batten in a true fashion.

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