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Product safety

ROCKPANEL is an inherently safe product to work with. Produced from basalt, a natural and sustainable volcanic stone, it is one of the most extensively researched and tested building materials on the market today.

The facts

  • ROCKPANEL is safe to work with and does not jeopardise those who work with it.
  • A fine dust is released when sawing the product and even if inhaled, is not hazardous to health. Furthermore, with the correct safety precautions and standard personal protection equipment, inhalation can be prevented.
  • Once ROCKPANEL boards have been installed, no further dust is released.

ROCKPANEL, a safe and durable product for living and working environments

Safe and easy installation

ROCKPANEL boards can be sawn, screwed, nailed or glued by the user. As with many building products, the processing and installation of ROCKPANEL boards can produce sawdust. The processing guidelines which apply to wood products also generally apply to the processing of ROCKPANEL products.

ROCKPANEL advises that users should wear a dust mask and standard personal protection equipment during sawing, such as safety spectacles and gloves.

ROCKPANEL is an easy material to process. It combines the durability of stone with the workability of wood. The boards are also lightweight in comparison with other board materials, so easy and quick installation can be achieved.


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Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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