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Workability & storage of ROCKPANEL


When working ROCKPANEL products, as a rule the same guidelines apply as if you were working with wood products.

  • hand saw, e.g. a hardpoint hand saw
  • circular saw, e.g. a fine-toothed hard metal saw blade
  • fretsaw, e.g. a fine-toothed saw blade or a saw blade with tungsten granules

This means that work can be done in greater detail on the building site, making flawless and optimal finishing a simple matter.


ROCKPANEL board material does not require pre-drilling of over-sized fixing holes prior to installation on timber studs. With rivets, fixed anchorages are advised to be drilled at 5.2 mm and a sliding attachment with 8 mm. Pre-drilling can be done with a HSS-steeldriller.

Edge finishing

ROCKPANEL board material is resistant to the elements and does not delaminate or rot. Cut edges do not need to be retreated. Chamfering can be done easily by using a leftover strip of ROCKPANEL to lightly rub down the edge. The sides can be given a finishing coat of paint for aesthetic purposes.


ROCKPANEL is insensitive to moisture. Nevertheless it is recommended that the board material be stored on a flat pallet in dry, flat, frost-proof and protected conditions. Never stack more than two pallets on top of each other. The panels should be raised when being machined. The panels should not be slid over one another. Protective foam membranes should be placed between the sheets again to protect the surface layer, for example when the panels are stacked after having been sawn.



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Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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