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ROCKPANEL board material is available in different colours and different designs. Each product has its own beautiful characteristics. Ideal for facades, roof-edge applications or for special details like ceiling, entrances or infilling. Classic or bold, restrained or playful, charming and idiosyncratic. With ROCKPANEL board material you will give every house or industrial building a unique look.

In addition, ROCKPANEL also provides the accessories required for a beautiful finished design, such as joining devices and profiles.

ROCKPANEL board material bends, curves and shapes itself
to your vision, your ideas, and your wishes.

Our product range

Rockpanel Colours board material


For a colourfast statement for your design vision, ROCKPANEL Rockclad board material is the perfect choice. The range offers a wide variety of over 100 standard colours and we can even create a colour to fit your design vision exactly.

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Give your building a natural and harmonious feel with ROCKPANEL Woods board material. ROCKPANEL Woods is manufactured through a careful and innovative production process, so there is no repetition of wood grain patterns in your design. The boards can scarcely be differentiated from real wood.

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Rockpanel Lines2 are durable, fire safe and low maintenance  panels with a tongue and groove edge


ROCKPANEL Lines² are panels with a tongue and groove edge. The innovative products are a durable and low maintenance alternative to wooden or plastic tongue-and-grooved products. Lines² panels are available in a small S and an extra wide XL version.

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Rockpanel Metallics board material


Make a striking design statement with your building. Give it shine and lustre with the modern engineered finish of ROCKPANEL Metallics baord material. The metallic sheen created with the Metallics range plays with the light to create unexpected colours and effects.

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Rockpanel Natural board material


The purest version of our board material is ROCKPANEL Natural. With natural weathering from sunlight and the elements, the appearance of this board changes, and becomes darker and more weathered. Let nature do her work in the design of your building, choose ROCKPANEL natural.

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Rockpanel Chameleon board material


ROCKPANEL Chameleon board material brings an extraordinary and surprising perception to your building, for a real ‘wow factor’. The ROCKPANEL Chameleon range is finished with a unique layer which depending on the angle from which it’s viewed and the effect of light, appears to dramatically change colour.

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ROCKPANEL Brilliant board material which is, in common with all the other ROCKPANEL designs, at the cutting edge of contemporary design. With Brilliant you can create a building which catches the eye, holds it and tells the story just in one look.

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Rockpanel Ply board material


If the exact colour you require for your design does not appear in our range, use ROCKPANEL Ply. This board material has been primed and can be given a finish coat in any colour you wish. ROCKPANEL Ply is a durable base for any desired colour combination.

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Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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