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ROCKPANEL Accessories

The final appearance of your building is influenced by the fixing method you choose. Fixing is not simply a technical requirement but is vital in achieving the design effect you require.

There are three types of fixings which can be used with ROCKPANEL products:

  • visible (screws and rivets);
  • semi visible (nails);
  • hidden fixing (glue).

Fixings are also available with heads to match the RAL colour of your board material.


In case of a ‘visible fixing’ system, the smooth façade of the cladding is accentuated by the heads of the rivets, nails or screws. Employing a secret fix method will bring a sheer, smooth design effect, unobstructed by fixings.


The use of profiles, in contrast, focuses the eye on the panel joints and will give the façade an engineered feel, especially when a contrasting colour is chosen for the edge framing elements.


Cut edges do not require any finishing and quickly colour with sunlight to create a dark brown shadow. However, for aesthetic reasons, ROCKPANEL Edge Paint is available in a range of colours to match the RAL colour of your board material.


The full range of fixings, trims and accessories are available from our approved distributors. The products available include:

  • fixings
  • profiles
  • gaskets
  • external corners
  • edging and drip
  • vertical joints
  • horizontal joints
  • ventilation profiles

Always check that accessories are suitable for the design and it’s associated performance requirements. In particular it is important that any Nails, Screws or Rivets comply with the requirements and design loads of the ETA approvals. It is further recommended to use only coloured fixings with a durable finish.

Looking for the nearest supplier? Contact the ROCKPANEL sales office on 01656 863210 and we will direct you to the supplier closest to you.


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