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What is natural weathering?

Weathering is a completely natural process in nature and our surrounding environment, which occurs as a result of the weather and climate.

Examples of natural weathering include:

  • the rusting and tarnishing of metals such as steel, aluminium and zinc
  • the natural discolouration (greying) of wood
  • the discolouration of stone and concrete

ROCKPANEL Natural combines the natural appeal of wood with a number of additional benefits such as high dimension stability and water resistance.

Weathering of ROCKPANEL Natural

Unlike many products in the ROCKPANEL range, ROCKPANEL Natural is not coated with primer, nor is it varnished. It offers the purest and most natural finish in our collection and, because of this, it is affected by natural weathering.

ROCKPANEL Natural weathers and discolours through exposure to natural elements such as UV light, wind, rain and the surrounding environment, for example trees in the immediate area.

Each immediate environment has a unique effect on ROCKPANEL Natural, creating an innovative product which combines well with other natural base materials.

ROCKPANEL Natural should not therefore be considered as a replacement for a product in the ROCKPANEL Rockclad range (brown).


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