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Processing of ROCKPANEL Natural

When using ROCKPANEL Natural in your design, it is important to consider the following points:

  • The build up of algae can be prevented through effective mad efficient design. The structure should ensure that the boards can drain fully, so they do not retain capillary moisture, and dry quickly through efficient ventilation. It is advisable to avoid overhanging vegetation near the façade.
  • Dirt on ROCKPANEL Natural boards does not wash off as easily as on coated ROCKPANEL boards. By using an aluminium water runoff with a front panel or double roof trim, this ensures that dirt is not left behind from draining water.
  • Dirt can be removed with a wire brush. However, this also can remove part of the weathered surface, which will initially be visible on the board. The cleaned area will weather then once again and start to blend in.
  • The weathering effect on ROCKPANEL Natural occurs in the top layer. Any scratches or indentations will initially be visible, but they will weather down once again and blend in with the rest.
  • If the board is used directly on an aluminium support structure, the heat on the facade will be dissipated more quickly at the supports than in the ‘span’. This means that the difference between where the support structure and the span are located will be visible, and the support structure will be discernable at the beginning of the ageing curve. This effect will disappear over the course of time as the ageing curves of the span and support structure approach each other.
  • Because of weathering in the top layer, ROCKPANEL recommends using 10 mm boards where 8 mm would usually be used and 8 mm where 6 mm boards would usually be used.

Information about fixing materials and other fixing guides can be found under Processing.


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