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For a colourfast statement for your design vision, ROCKPANEL Rockclad is the perfect choice. The range offers a wide variety of over 100 standard colours and we can even create a colour to fit your design vision exactly.

ROCKPANEL Rockclad is a highly durable board material which has been specially developed for use in facade cladding, roofline applications and for building detailing.

The board material is made from high quality rock fibre compressed with a small quantity of organic binding agent. This produces a very lightweight panel, which can be very easily worked and handled. The product is dimensionally very stable and therefore does not change with fluctuations in humidity or temperature. The boards are completely water repellent.


Dimensions and tolerances of the boards:

Panel dimensions (mm)2500 or 30502500 or 30502500 or 3050
Panel width (mm)1200 or 1250**1200 or 12501200 or 1250
Panel thickness (mm)6 or 889
Length/width tolerance (mm)+2/-2+2/-2+2/-2
Diagonal tolerance (mm)≤4≤4≤4
Thickness tolerance (mm)+0,5/-0,5+0,5/-0,5+0,5/-0,5
** Available from 100 m²

Unique customised solutions

ROCKPANEL allows panels to be delivered in various formats. Waste is minimized and unnecessary costs are avoided. Look for opportunities of our unique customised solutions for your project.


The ROCKPANEL Colours board is available in three different grades with or without extra protection (ProtectPlus)


For general applications around the roofline and facade (rainscreen) cladding.


Specially developed for applications where greater strength is required and suitable for ground level application.


To fulfill even the highest fire safety requirements, choose FS-Xtra which can meet European fire class A2-s1, d0. The boards can be classified as non-combustible according to national building regulations, show hardly any smoke development and no burning droplet formation.


Optional layer providing extra protection (only orders >100m²)

Rockpanel board material for facade cladding and roof detailing
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