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Case studies

Every building has its own story. Stories which can be given form with ROCKPANEL. In our project descriptions you can read about the architect’s vision for several exceptional and outstanding building designs.

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Poland’s Bonarka For Business Leads Office Design Into the Future

Located in close vicinity to Bonarka City Center, a popular shopping and entertainment hub in Krakow, Poland, ‘Building F’ of the Bonarka for Business (B4B) development is a modern office building that offers an optimal working environment with high class finishes and design.

Read more about this business park concept for the 21st century

Colourful façade brings glamour to the silver screen

“The cinema building has been designed to follow the contemporary theme established in the town centre. At the same time, it also seeks to differentiate the multiplex building, and the spaces associated with it, from the general thoroughfare."

Read more about the new Cineworld multiplex in Whiteley

Danish Campus Shows Why Orange is the New Black

Distinguished by its bold orange facade, Campus Living stands out from the grey, white and black buildings typical in Denmark and has become a highly visible landmark in the dense new neighbourhood that is emerging.

Read more about this "colour striking" project

Beautiful interaction between art, architecture and sustainability

The ROCKPANEL façade cladding played an important role in turning the artistic intentions of Peter Holst Henkel into reality. The building was intended to convey a spaciousness and dynamic change – features that are intrinsic to a school environment.

Read more about this "future proof" fairy tail

Aesthetics and energy efficiency are its hallmarks

Located in the Hippocrate Commercial Area to the east of Montpellier, the Fahrenheit building accommodates several businesses and medical offices. This refined and HQE-certified architectural design blends elegantly into its environment.

Read more about this resolutely modern, striking and sustainable building

Trees – an inspiration for a brand new school

In the Dutch community of Maasniel (Roermond), the nature of a tree is the inspiration behind a school extension housing four new classrooms as well as a new library, outdoor theater and central space for meeting and open learning.

Read more about the inspiration behind this school extension

Creating a landmark building with a striking facade

The elevated complex is distinguished by a striking facade. An irregular arrangement of full height windows and cantilevered balconies lends the building a dynamic appearance.

Read more about this striking facade

ROCKPANEL façade cladding contributes to revamping Manchester skyline

As part of a wider regeneration scheme, four 1960’s council blocks were extensively refurbished, both inside and out. ROCKPANEL Chameleon lightweight façade boards were installed on two sides of the 13 storey blocks by Astley Facades (UK) Ltd.

Read more about this "shimmering" refurbishment project

A ‘living’ façade in harmony with nature

Corten steel and larch shingles were considered as cladding materials. The objective was to have homogenous surfaces with a ‘unique character’ using affordable building materials. Prof. Frank found the perfect solution with ROCKPANEL Natural.

Read more about this by nature inspired façade

An extraordinary jewel for an existing primary school

René Hoek from the architecture firm HET architectenbureau, indicates that the client wanted to add an exceptional component to his building. An eye-catcher so to say, modest but striking. Bearing this wish in mind, we went looking for ‘beauty’.

Read more about this 'jewel'

Bringing art to the heart of the campus

ROCKPANEL façades have formed the stunning canvas for a specially commissioned, three storey carving on the new ‘Heart of the Campus’ building at Sheffield Hallam University.

Read more about this amazing piece of art

Traditional facade wrapped up in a white veil

Architects Vyvey & Partners won a design competition for an apartment complex in the Belgian town of Ypres with their striking submission for social housing company, Ons Onderdak. The project uses a restrained palette of three tones of grey brick, together with white, partially curved, ROCKPANEL boards.

Read more about this project with sort of veil that wraps around it

Gentle giants, in harmony with the landscape

“Our immediate instinct for this unique spot on the edge of Leusden was to create two buildings which are sympathetic to the environment and have fantastic views of the landscape. Not isolated objects, but buildings with expressiveness which blend in with the landscape, the history and the people of Leusden”, says Architect Lars Zwart.

Read more about the gentle giants of Leusden

Extraordinary 3D façade cladded with ROCKPANEL board material

The innovation at work on the technology park is also reflected in the façade of the building – the 3D façade was clad with a combination of ROCKPANEL Woods and ROCKPANEL Rockclad, to provide this high-tech building with an original look.

Read more about this astonishing 3D façade

ROCKPANEL breathes fresh life into a landmark project

An ambitious project in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham is breathing fresh life into a deprived neighbourhood. The £16 million project at the Edward Woods Estate in Hammersmith, West London has used the decorative ROCKPANEL façade cladding.

Read more about the creation of a striking and well-insulated building

From a disused building to an appealing centre for gymnastic excellence

The disused building will become a centre for gymnastic excellence in Tayside & Fife, providing quality facilities to talented gymnasts to reach their full potential at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Read more about the Dick McTaggart Gymnastics Centre

Aesthetics are key to stylish residential building

“The List” is the most highly populated district of Hannover, in the view of many, it is also the city´s most culturally diverse quarter. This is the area where the residential building co-operative Gartenheim eG this year renovated a multi-family residence which is home to a total of 18 tenants.

Read more about the ‘Haute Couture’ in residential construction

Vibrant colours create fun new childcare centre

Hamburg architects firm Hamberger + Haisch has converted a tired and dated former hospital complex into a new childcare centre, using bold colours both inside and out to create vibrant surroundings and give structure to distinct parts of the building.

Read more about this project

Creating and protecting a retail masterpiece

The Centre, which nestles between Edinburgh and Glasgow, is a Land Securities shopping and leisure destination that has undergone three phases of expansion since the 1970s. Threesixty Architecture was appointed by the property giant to create an eye-catching extension to the original building.

Read more about this simply stunning design

Weaving confidence and trust into a refuge centre

“The Clearing House is all about providing welcome and assistance, support, care, integration, structure and protection. We wanted the facade design to reflect these essential characteristics of the Clearing House."

Read the whole story

ROCKPANEL, nicely on track with Antwerp's Mobility Masterplan

The architecture is the creation of Archiles architects from Geel (Belgium), who found the inspiration and material from ROCKPANEL to give shape to his idea in an efficient, durable and aesthetically responsible manner.

Read more about this "perforated" project

Essential solutions to bioclimatic architecture

When the architects came across ROCKPANEL Chameleon they saw an opportunity to create an aesthetically unique building. "It is very beautiful and everyone who sees it likes it a lot," Emilio Miguel Mitre, co-founder at the architecture firm ALIA, S.L. says.

Read more on this sustainable architectural building

From obsolete industrial building to energy efficient culture centre

A major renovation has transformed the building from a shabby and obsolete industrial property into a modern, energy efficient Culture and Community Centre. The renovation includes the use of several ROCKWOOL products.

Read more about the renovation of this remarkable buidling

A different culture, a different view, a different colour

The stimulating colour scheme used in the school building will help the children to understand that different people with different backgrounds often see the same things differently.

Read more about this unique school building

ROCKPANEL gives energy to passive house with the power of simplicity

The story behind what at first appears to be a rather simple, yet thoroughly well though-out and innovative project can be summed up in just one word: simplicity.

Read more about the passive house in Kortijs

A new sustainable community within a dis-used building- a new 'green' heart!

The UK's most pioneering low carbon development; stunning homes and work spaces that don't cost the Earth, giving residents the tools they need to embrace an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

More about this remarkable projekt

ROCKPANEL helps to create a unique school project

The tree house has been designed to accommodate a state school and a Christian school, alongside local social housing, and all within one building. The tree house captures the imagination of both young and old and is also seen as a remarkable new structure within the local environment.

Read more about ‘The Tree House' community school project

Step-by-step change

“I wanted to reflect the gradually changing living environment of the Lärchenpark residents in the façade design”, explains architect Dieter Gysin. “I imagined a strict alignment beside a wave movement.”

Read more about this symbol of step-by-step change

New Salvation Army centre made special and striking with ROCKPANEL

Hudson Architects have created the new Salvation Army Church and Community centre in Chelmsford, a building which is strong and striking on the one hand, and simple and practical on the other.

Read more about this remarkable building

ROCKPANEL brings extra dimension to 'Think Tank' innovation centre

The new innovation centre in Lincoln, designed by Architects Marks Barfield, draws on the city’s strong historical associations. On first viewing Think Tank is certainly dressed for battle, its colours and angles clearly bring to mind the army tank.

Read more about this tank-inspired innovation centre, the ‘Think Tank’

Elegant and striking new landmark spearheads regeneration with "Chameleon" design

ROCKPANEL Chameleon has proven to be a major factor in the success of the Peachey House development and CHBC is delighted with the visual impact the building is now making in Ilford.

Read more about the symbolic landmark in the regeneration of Ilford

A glowing kaleidoscope of colours

Functional and robust were two fundamental qualities that the SHL Automatisierungs-technik AG wanted to achieve with its new headquarters, completed at the end of 2008.

Read more about the intensive colour vibrancy of the façade

A design vision of sustainability and cost efficiency

Roger Day mentiones, "ROCKPANEL is produced through an efficient process using basalt rock, a highly sustainable natural resource. This was a key factor in our decision to go with ROCKPANEL, along with its durability and 100% recyclablity.”

Read more about the development of Coppetts Woods House

A new standard for innovative architectural design in waste management

The Bangor Recycling and Environmental Information Centre, opened by North Down Borough Council in June 2008, sets a new standard for innovative architectural design in the waste recycling sector.

Read the whole story

Passive construction is active environmental management

The Aramis Housing Corporation in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, is spearheading a new approach to building design with its ‘passive houses’.

Read more about the 'passive housing' project

A utility building with atmosphere

A high degree of functionality and plenty of atmosphere – these two aspects leave their mark on the beach bar in Constance for the Seezeit Studentenwerk.

Read how this cube plays with light and shadow

The façade tells the ROCKPANEL story

"It is more than just a façade. it is the showpiece for ROCKPANEL’s unique product. expressive, but without a cacophony of colours and shapes”, says Architect Luc Nooijen of Architecten aan de Maas (Maastricht/NL)

Read the whole story behind the façade


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