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Danish Campus Shows Why Orange is the New Black

Known as ‘Design City’, the town Kolding is a growing hub in Denmark that is home to a number of large educational institutions including the Kolding School of Design and the International Business College (IBC). Helping to meet an increasing demand for housing, Campus Living by Tegnestuen Mejeriet Architects is an affordable multi-unit student housing project that balances low maintenance and operating costs with high quality living and architectural design.

Distinguished by its bold orange facade, Campus Living stands out from the grey, white and black buildings typical in Denmark and has become a highly visible landmark in the dense new neighbourhood that is emerging.

Stage 1 of Campus Living comprises 83 affordable units over six floors. Totalling 3,500 square meters, the building is designed in the form of a gallery with balcony access to each unit. An oblique falling roof opens the building up towards Design City and its city centre, allowing light from the south and west to pour in. Visual contact and social interaction are enhanced by a combination of raised courtyards and common grounds located along the street level. When Stage 2 is completed, the block will form a single protected courtyard.

To highlight the youth and energy of the Campus Living project, the architects envisioned a bold, provocative aesthetic and facade colour. They had a specific eye-catching orange RAL Colour in mind that was not available from any of their standard suppliers. Along with their very particular colour specification, colour fastness was essential. These requirements led the architects to select ROCKPANEL Colours for the building’s exterior. With over 100 standard RAL colours available, ROCKPANEL Colours can also be customised to achieve any desired RAL. The architects were further convinced by how easy it was to install the ROCKPANEL boards, its green character and ProtectPlus finishing system to ensure the longevity of the colour.

The ROCKPANEL Group was able to produce boards in the desired orange in order to ensure the end result was in the line with the architect’s vision.

Speaking of the colourful realisation of their design, Søren Nielsen, CEO at Tegnestuen Mejeriet says: “It would be a pity to accommodate young people in a grey, dull building. We don’t want to be too careful or conservative, because the expression of youthful courage and daring may then be lost.”

Bold, unique and expressive of its youthful energy, this landmark design indeed shows that in Design City Kolding, orange appears to be the new black.


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