Why Rockpanel?
A lot of advantages

Why Rockpanel?

Each building material has its own strength. Just one material combines all the properties.

Design freedom

With more than 200 colours & designs

Give colour to your facade.

Through an interplay of colour, finishing and designs, you give your facade a unique effect.

Set your creativity free with over 200 colours and designs.

Or choose your own colour – almost all RAL and NCS colours are available.

Flexible and effective

Versatile interplay of lines on unique facades

It starts with your building idea

In addition to colour and material, the design of the facade gives your building its character, shapes its surroundings and follows function. With Rockpanel, you are in control – maximum design freedom at lower costs.

Rockpanel is flexible

If a particular panel format makes sense for your facade design, we make it – customised to your needs. Thanks to the innovative production process, Rockpanel boards are available in all lengths between 1700 and 3050 mm*. You decide which lengths are best for your particular layout.

The facade fits into your vision and budget

Rockpanel facades are quick and easy to install. Due to its unique format, it is virtually waste-free and highly cost-effective. You will always find the solution that is exactly right for your building. Because it simply fits – into your design, your schedule and your budget.

* Minimum order size: 300 m²

Material performance

Sustainable from start to finish.

All Rockpanel products are sustainable – by nature. Like all ROCKWOOL products, they are made from basalt, a raw material that is virtually unlimited in its availability and is renewable in the production cycle.

We are also continuously working on contributing to a healthy environment and a sustainable use of resources at every stage of the life cycle of our products.

Aim to be fire proof. Just to be sure.

As an architect and planner, you want future generations to enjoy using your buildings.

Because they are timeless. And because they are built so solidly and securely, they should protect the people who live and work in them at all times.

Fire safety in accordance with international standards is therefore crucial. These standards are constantly becoming more and more demanding – for good reason.

At Rockpanel, we have developed facade solutions with excellent fire behaviour, which comply with the strict rules of the current European directives.

With Rockpanel, your buildings are always on the safe side.

Protected for a long time. Easy to maintain.

With a ventilated facade, protect the exterior insulation and the inside of your building from sun, rain and moisture.

The Rockpanel boards themselves are also equipped for all weather conditions.

The surface permanently resists sun, wind and rain. The freshness and radiance of the colours are apparent for decades.

In addition, Rockpanel boards are easy to maintain.

Unrivalled stability in terms of expansion. Unaffected by moisture.

Create harmonious facades with minimal joint widths. Use deliberately raw edges as a design element.

Rockpanel facades leave no room for the effects of temperature, humidity or rain.

Like few other building materials, basalt cladding panels retain their dimensions and properties under all conditions.

Take advantage of this planning freedom to design without limits.

Easy to work with. Quick to build.

The safe, efficient and fast handling of building materials is an important issue in the cladding of facades.

Rockpanel boards are as durable as stone and as easy to work with as wood.

They are very light and can be machined quickly and easily using standard tools.

This saves installation time and makes your building more economical, without compromising on design, shape or functionality.

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