Frequently asked questions

For private persons

I requested product samples, when will I receive them?

We aim to deliver the samples as soon as possible. Usually, i twill take approximately one week.

What are the prices of Rockpanel products?

For price information about our products, please contact a Rockpanel-dealer near you. We have a map available for you including names, addresses and phone numbers of all our dealers.

Where can I buy Rockpanel?

You can buy our products via Rockpanel-dealers. As a manufacturer, we don’t directly deliver our products to our customers.

Do you have a showroom?

We don’t have a showroom. On our website, you can view a lot of photos and videos of Rockpanel products for some inspiration. Our section with case studies may come in handy here. You can also filter the results on residential buildings only. 

Is it possible to have Rockpanel products installed by you?

No, we don’t install our own products. Rockpanel board material is very user-friendly. In our instruction guide you will find all guidelines and useful tips.

How can I find someone to install Rockpanel cladding?

We would advise you to find a professional contractor or installer near you. Most construction companies have experience in processing Rockpanel cladding.

Where can Rockpanel be applied?

You can use Rockpanel products for finishing facades, for roofline applications and for detailing. In most cases, it is used as a decorative finish in ventilated facade constructions, where the boards contribute to a cost-effective and aesthetically high-quality outer shell for both renovation and new construction projects.

This does not mean that the product cannot be suitable for other applications than described above, but these have not been tested and certified by us and are therefore not covered by the warranty.

Do the boards have an insulating effect?

Rockpanel is a product for finishing your facade or applications around the roof. Rockpanel is not an insulation material.

Can I install Rockpanel boards seamlessly?

Under certain conditions, Rockpanel can be applied seamlessly.

Can Rockpanel be placed directly on an existing fascia?

Rockpanel retains its shape under all weather conditions and temperature changes. This makes it possible to mount the boards directly on an existing fascia under certain conditions. This only applies to Rockpanel Colours and Rockpanel Uni because these are vapour open.

Can Rockpanel be glued?

In collaboration with Bostik, Rockpanel has developed Tack-S. This is a European certified adhesive system that meets the requirements for durability and the strict fire safety requirements for facade cladding systems.

When working with other adhesive systems, the responsibility, technical approval and warranty lie completely with the respective supplier.

On Bostik website, you will find a handy document that explains exactly what a glued construction with Rockpanel looks like.

Why do you recommend gluing Rockpanel onto a strip?

When you glue directly onto a timber sub-construction (with any facade system), then the timber is unprotected. This means that the lifespan of the total sub-construction is not sustainable. Gluing directly onto timber is the same as applying facade cladding (with screws or nails) without EPDM gasket. By gluing onto a strip of Rockpanel, your construction is protected against wind and weather and it is the only facade system that complies with building regulations.

What are the dimensions of Rockpanel boards?

Rockpanel Uni and Colours are available in 2500/3050 x 1200 x 6/8mm

Rockpanel Woods – Metallics – Chameleon and Stones are available 3050 x 1200 x 8mm

Rockpanel Natural in 2500/3050 x 1200 x 10mm

Rockpanel Ply in 2500/3050 x 1200 x 8mm

Rockpanel Lines² S and XL in 3050 x 164/295 x 10mm

Is it possible to get other dimensions?

A width of 1250 mm is possible from 100 m². A length dimension between 1700 and 3050 mm is possible from 300 m².

Can Rockpanel be (re)painted?

Rockpanel is a low-maintenance product and does not need to be maintained with a new coating layer. Would you like to recoat the Rockpanel façade panels for aesthetic reasons? That is possible for Rockpanel Uni and Rockpanel Colours (without ProtectPlus). These products have a water-based coating. For specific advice on recoating, we refer you to the paint manufacturer.

Rockpanel Colours boards with ProtectPlus cannot be repainted.

Do the (cutting) edges of Rockpanel require special treatment?

No that is not necessary! Because Rockpanel facade boards are insensitive to moisture and other weather influences, the (cutting) edges do not require any treatment afterwards. However, if you wish to finish the edges for aesthetic reasons, then that is possible. In that case, our tips and tricks for painting the edges might be helpful.

Without any kind of finishing of the edges of the boards, the colour of the base material automatically turns into a dark brown colour under the influence of daylight in just several weeks.

What maintenance is required for Rockpanel?

We recommend cleaning the boards every now and then with water, if necessary with a cleaning agent such as car shampoo or all-purpose cleaner. We do not recommend the use of (cleaning products with) solvents.

What is ProtectPlus?

ProtectPlus is an extra protective layer against UV light and graffiti. This layer increases the self-cleaning capacity of the Rockpanel facade panels; rain will simpy wash off most of the atmospheric dirt. The ProtectPlus layer is resistant to the solvents in most cleaning products. ProtectPlus comes as a standard on Woods, Stones, Chameleon and Metals boards (with the exception of Metals Aluminum White and Gray). For our Colours range, adding this extra coating is an option when ordering at least 100 m² per colour.

I have an other question. How can I contact you?

For any other questions, please contact a Rockpanel dealer near you.