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For over 80 years, the ROCKWOOL Group has been committed to empowering everyone to rise to the development challenges of modern living. By using stone, one of the world’s most abundant natural resources, you can make a lasting impact across generations.

Our most important asset is our people, and we do what we do with an unmatched enthusiasm. We share our knowledge to support you in creating amazing facades that truly bring an architects vision to life. Our range of façade board material can be seen in some of Europe’s best housing developments, manufacturing facilities and of course public and commercial buildings.

Working hard to improve modern life for generations to come

For over 25 years, our products have helped to create comfortable and beautiful spaces that are as impressive now as the day they were unveiled. All over Europe, architects have the freedom to unleash their creativity while society gets to enjoy the spaces created with our exterior cladding boards.

We produce our panels in a unique and innovative process that converts the rock into a robust, easy to work with exterior cladding material that delivers a unique set of benefits.

Thought leadership articles

Today, stone wool improves people’s work and well-being in many different ways. Our solutions are influential in making people’s lives richer, more productive and more beautiful.

Rockpanel Metallics used in the Bangor Recycling and Environmental Information Centre in Bangor,  Northern Ireland


Design Freedom

We believe in creating products that help and inspire you to bring your design to a whole new level.

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Rustenhove VZW with Rockpanel Colours in Ledegem, Belgium


Installation Benefits

Installation of Rockpanel façade boards is as easy as can be. No special equipment is required.

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Single Family house with Rockpanel Colours in Sulzberg, Austria



We like to ensure that the earth remains a great place to live for future generations.

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Single Family house in Widnau, Switzerland with Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding



For us, durability is not just limited to technical quality, but aesthetics as well.

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Extra Care Elsdon in Elsdon (United Kingdom) with Rockpanel Colours and Rockpanel Woods FS-Xtra facade cladding


Fire Safety

A fire can have a major impact. Safety therefore is our number one priority.

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