Design Freedom

Rockpanel Metallics used in the Bangor Recycling and Environmental Information Centre in Bangor,  Northern Ireland

Amazing architecture originates from amazing ideas. When designing a building, you don’t want materials to limit your creativity. At Rockpanel, we believe in creating products that help and inspire you to bring your design to a whole new level. That’s why we offer more than 200 colours and designs. And it doesn’t stop there! If you are looking for a very specific solution in façade cladding, we’d be more than happy to co-create a customised solution that seamlessly fits your needs and wishes.

Design without limitations. Any shape, size and colour you like.

Any way you want it

Bending and curving isn’t a problem with our solutions for exterior cladding. Rockpanel façade boards can be bent, curved and used in any direction you like. As they don’t expand or shrink, dimensional stability for the years to come is guaranteed. This allows you to use narrow joints of only 6 mm.

Maintenance of Rockpanel
Apartment block 't Zicht with Rockpanel Colours in Leusden, The Netherlands
Beach bar in Konstanz, Germany for the Seezeit Studentenwerk with Rockpanel Natural exterior cladding
The new Salvation Army Church and Community centre in Chelmsford, Essex (United Kingdom) with Rockpanel Colours routed exterior cladding
Multi Family housing in Ypres, Belgium cladded with Rockpanel Colours and curved.
A modern office building in Krakow, Poland with Rockpanel Woods exterior cladding

Are you ready to express your creativity?

Design with plenty of courage, ideas and colour. Give your building a striking facade design that makes it stand out. You have full freedom – just use the power of your imagination.