Single Family house in Widnau, Switzerland with Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding

Your striking façade design should make an impression that lasts. Not just in the minds of people passing by, but also in the decades to come. Using durable building materials is key here. For us, durability is not just limited to technical quality, but aesthetics as well. The unique properties of Rockpanel façade boards ensure the best possibly quality for the years to come.

Aesthetics, safety and durability combined: Rockpanel is ready for the future.

Keeping it cool – and colourful

Weather conditions can have a major influence on some buildings: from rain and wind to sunshine. Luckily, Rockpanel façade boards are prepared for everything! The panels are insensitive to moisture and are UV resistant. This prevents both thermal expansion and fading colours. Our boards are therefore ready to shine – now and in the future.

The Maasniel school project in Roermond, The Netherlands wth Rockpanel Brilliant & Woods exterior cladding.
Private house with Rockpanel Uni/Colours
New build of Nursery with Rockpanel Colours in Dury, France
Images of projects for USP's of Rockpanel products
Renovation and extension of the Betty-Greif school in Pfarrkirchen, Germany with Rockpanel Colours incl. ProtectPlus coating

Low maintenance

Buildings are part of the world we live in. At Rockpanel, we believe they should be ready for any interaction with anyone using them. That’s why we created our panels to be dirt-resistant and low maintenance. We have made our facades so easy to maintain that one wash a year with water is enough. This way, children can play around their school buildings without worries.