Installation benefits

Rustenhove VZW with Rockpanel Colours in Ledegem, Belgium

Looking for a façade cladding solution that any installer or contractor can work with? Installation of Rockpanel façade boards is as easy as can be. No special equipment is required; your standard tools will do. 

No matter which design you choose: we have the right fixing available.

Easy fixing

We know that the final appearance of your building is influenced by the fixing method you choose. Rockpanel provides several fixing methods: from visible screws and rivets (available in any RAL colour you want) to semi-visible nails or even hidden fixing (glue or Easy Fix/ship lap fixing). Just choose the method which best suits your design.

New build of the ‘BMV (Broad Social Amenities) School’ in Roermond (The Netherlands)  with Rockpanel Colours and Chameleon exterior cladding
The Groninger Water Company in Hoogezand with Rockpanel Colours facade cladding
Headquarters of Rockpanel Roermond (The Netherlands), cladded with Rockpanel Metallics, Rockpanel Woods and Rockpanel Ply
Residential Campus Innopolis in Tatarstan with Rockpanel Woods & Rockpanel Colours facade cladding
Single Family House with Rockpanel Uni in Ertvelde, Belgium
Renovation of Single Family House with Rockpanel Lines2 in Menaldum, The Netherlands

Solid as concrete, yet very light weight

Rockpanel façade boards are built to last. Weather conditions, changes in temperature and moisture won’t affect the boards. The material is just like concrete: it won’t expand or shrink. On the other hand, as the boards are light weight, they are very easy to handle. The best of both worlds!