Single Family house with Rockpanel Colours in Sulzberg, Austria

Sustainability is a key factor in everything we do. We feel like it’s our duty to ensure that the earth remains a great place to live for future generations. 

The starting point is the raw material from which all our façade panels are made: basalt. This volcanic rock basalt is both readily available and sustainable – the earth creates more basalt each year than we are using. A responsible choice, for now and the future. Thanks to our unique and highly efficient manufacturing process, we are able to produce more than 400 m² Rockpanel boards from only 1 m³ of basalt.

Looking for a future-proof solution? Rockpanel is used in many zero emission buildings.
New build of the Les Trèfles primary school in Anderlecht, Belgium with Rockpanel Natural & Rockpanel Chameleon exterior cladding. Les Trefles
Refurbishment three high-rise residential towers, The Crofts in Birmingham, United Kingdom with Rockpanel Colours in FS-Xtra grade. Renovation. A2 fire rated boards
Single Family House with routed Rockpanel Woods exterior cladding in Marbach, Switzerland
Images of projects for USP's of Rockpanel products
CineWorld with Rockpanel Chameleon and Rockpanel Colours in Whiteley, United Kingdom

Long lasting facade panels

All Rockpanel facade board have an official confirmed lifetime of 50 years. And after that, they are nearly fully recyclable and can be used for the production of new stone wool products without any loss of quality. This makes Rockpanel a unique and very sustainable building material.