Rockpanel Products

Our fundamental idea, your choice

Luckily there is no such thing as a facade design for a high-rise building, an industrial building or a public building. As architect you want to create a building with an own, unique identity and an authentic appearance..

With the exterior cladding panels in the Rockpanel assortment you can combine functionality, harmony and expression in a facade you create. Rockpanel serves your creativity and provides lots of opportunities to challenge your boundaries and to enrich your portfolio with some astonishing projects.

Your confidence, our concern

You are now able to design and realize any building that pops up in your mind without being concerned about the limitations. Rockpanel boards are made of stone wool, a material that is sustainable from nature, fire safe, dimensionally stable, weather resistant, easy to work with and requires low maintenance.

All Rockpanel products are compliant to the latest building regulations. This gives you the freedom to combine, suprise, fascinate, associate and put your own mark on your projects.