Introduction campaign 2 new Rockpanel Stones designs
Are you ready to express your creativity with Rockpanel Stones?


... you could bend stone

Solid as a rock, yet highly flexible

Rockpanel Stones panels offer you the best of both worlds: they look like stone and have the same fire-resilient qualities, but they can also be bent and curved.

Once you’ve curved and placed the panels in the way you like, you don’t have to worry about shrinking or expanding. As the panels do not respond to changes in temperature or moisture, dimensional stability for the years to come is guaranteed.

This allows you to use narrow joints of only 5 mm.

... stone as light as wood

Easy handling, efficient placing

Thanks to their light weight – the 8 mm thick panels weigh just 8.4 kg/m² – Rockpanel Stones facade panels are very easy to handle and particularly suitable for use on high-rise buildings.

Easy processing ensures short assembly times, making them a cost-effective solution. The boards are easy to cut to size on-site using traditional cutting tools and the edges do not need to be sealed. The panels can be mounted on a simple substructure of wood or aluminium.

They can be fixed using corrosion-protected screws, nails or blind rivets. Alternatively, a special adhesive can be used.

... full flexibility in handling

No special equipment is required

Looking for a façade cladding solution that any installer or contractor can work with? Installation of Rockpanel façade boards, including our Stones range, is as easy as can be.

No special equipment is required; your standard tools will do. Anything that’s suitable for wood can also be used for our panels.

Going for unusual recesses or other striking features? Virtually everything is possible. Detailing can be carried out with precision on-site. There is no need for time-consuming preparations.

Easy does it!

... long-lasting creations

Rockpanel facade boards are built to last

Your striking facade design deserves nothing less than the absolute best. With Rockpanel Stones, buildings are ready for the decades to come. For us, durability is not just limited to technical quality, but also involves aesthetics.

The unique properties of Rockpanel facade boards ensure the best possible quality for the years ahead.

Weather conditions such as rain, wind and sunshine can have a major influence on some buildings. Fortunately, Rockpanel facade boards are prepared for everything! The panels are insensitive to moisture and are UV-resistant. This prevents both thermal expansion and fading colours. Adding a ProtectPlus finish creates a self-cleaning surface where dirt has no grip.

Our boards are therefore ready to shine – now and in the future.

... full freedom in design

No limits in creativity

Thanks to the ease of use and the many possibilities for bending, shaping and curving, the Rockpanel Stones range places virtually no limits on creative building design.

With a total of thirteen design variations within the three looks of ‘Mineral’, ‘Basalt’ and ‘Concrete’, architects and designers have a wide range of options available to create visionary facades with an authentic stone appearance.

Do you have a specific colour and/or stone look in mind? The possibilities are virtually unlimited! Get in touch and find out what the options for a customised design are.

Introduction campaign 2 new Rockpanel Stones designs

A firesafe solution

Safety comes first. When it comes to protecting people’s lives, you can never be too sure. Rockpanel façade cladding is very fire-resilient, as it’s made of stone wool fibres from the natural volcanic rock basalt.

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