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Betty-Greif school in Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria - Germany
Handling & workability

Working with Rockpanel boards

The benefits of using Rockpanel board material for creating your building facades, rooflines or guttering over more traditional building materials such as wood, fibre cement board (FCB) and high pressure laminate (HPL) boards are clear

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Rustenhove VZW with Rockpanel Colours in Ledegem, Belgium
Sub-frame Constructions

Secure your project with the right sub-frame

The benefits of working with Rockpanel boards extends to the flexibility of creating a two leaf, wooden or metal construction for the external wall. This allows the ventilated air space between the two leaves to create and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

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Extra Care Elsdon in Elsdon (United Kingdom) with Rockpanel Colours and Rockpanel Woods FS-Xtra facade cladding
Rockpanel FS-Xtra

(Extra) Fire safety meets design

Safe and secure, the advanced features of FS-Xtra from Rockpanel delivers a new dimension to your exterior cladding design. An elegant combination of fire safety with the broadest range of aesthetic finishes and RAL colours, ensures your building meets or in some cases exceeds European fire safety standards.

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New build of Nursery with Rockpanel Colours in Dury, France
Rockpanel Fixings

Aesthetics, it's all about the details

The final appearance of your building is influenced by the fixing method you choose. It is vital in achieving the design effect you require.

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Office building in Olpe, Gemrany with Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding

Follow nature, in all its forms

Whatever idea you have in your head for your building, you can shape it with Rockpanel facade boards.

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Rockpanel Profiles used as corner solutions on a project in Ruhmannsfelden, Germany
Corner Solutions

Rockpanel Profiles & Corner Solutions

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail, then you’ll be pleased to know that we have too!

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The Maasniel school project in Roermond, The Netherlands wth Rockpanel Brilliant & Woods exterior cladding.
Fixing of Rockpanel

A quick guide to fixing and fixing distances

Fixing a Rockpanel board couldn’t be easier, but there are a few guidelines to follow

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Betty-Greif school in Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria - Germany

Maintenance - Keeping up appearances

All Rockpanel boards are as durable as stone and resistant to the effects of moisture, temperature and the weather.

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