Painting edges of Rockpanel boards: everything you need to know

Joints and corners give a facade design a definite emphasis and are a clear, formal statement – for a special material. The edges of Rockpanel facade panels don’t have to be treated to protect them from moisture. However, for aesthetic reasons, it is possible to paint the edges of Rockpanel boards in the same colour as the board. To get the best result, we have made an instruction on how to paint the edges of your façade panels in a professional way.

Instruction: how to paint the edges of your Rockpanel boards

  • The edges of the Rockpanel boards must be clean, free of dust and dry before you start applying the coating.
  • Paint the edges before you install the boards.
  • Remove the protective film before painting the edges. This prevents coating running under the foil by capillary effects, which can lead to aesthetical imperfections on the surface.
  • There is no need to apply a primer.
  • We recommend to use the edge coating delivered by Rockpanel. This is a water based coating in the same colour as the Rockpanel board itself.
  • Use a paint tray and a small foam roller (e.g. 50 mm or smaller).
  • Make sure that the paint is evenly distributed on the roller.
  • Paint only one edge at a time. Continue the process when the previous side is dry. 
  • Painting multiple edges at once (by stacking boards) can result in paint leaking between the boards. This way, the paint may cause aesthetical imperfections to the front side of the board. 
  • Apply the coating gently; don’t press the roller too hard. 
  • We recommend applying one (not too thick) layer first and judge the degree of coverage. When the coverage is not sufficient, we recommend to apply another layer when the first layer is dry.
  • Some colours (i.e. yellow, orange) may require a third layer to achieve full coverage. This also relates to the aesthetical level that is required.