Why non-combustible facade cladding for high-rise and high-risk buildings

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For both high-rise and high-risk buildings, the impact of a fire can be catastrophic. In tall buildings and other places where many people live, sleep and work, it is important to pay maximum attention to (fire) safety. Risks need to be minimised in order for (vulnerable) inhabitants to stay safe.

The risks of combustible facade cladding

When combustible materials  are used for façade cladding and/or insulation, there is undoubtedly more risk that a fire can extend via the façade, generate more toxic smoke or spread to other floors if it comes into contact with these materials. In addition, these risks can be exacerbated if the combustible materials are not installed in the correct way.

Keep the people in your building safe: use non-combustible facade cladding

Preventing the spread of fire in high-rise and high-risk buildings

The best way to ensure fire safety in high-rise and high-risk buildings is to solely use non-combustible building materials. Make the right choices for insulation, façade cladding, substrates etc. As long as non-combustible materials  (Euroclass A1 and A2) are used there is no risk associated with facade cladding or insulation. These materials do not contribute to the formation or spread of a fire and ensure that the facade is built to the highest standards of fire safety.

Make your buildings fireproof and futureproof. Design out the potential dangers involved with current or future high-risk and high-rise buildings.


Everything you need to know about fire safe facade cladding

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