How to protect your building from graffiti and scratches

Graffiti and scratches from parked bicycles and shopping carts are a problem for many shops and stores. DIY store Jem & Fix has managed to avoid these problems with the durable and robust façade panels from Rockpanel. With this choice, they did not have to compromise at all on their architectural design vision for their new DIY store in Fredensborg, Denmark.

Preventing permanent graffiti damage

The way your building looks influences the overall shopping experience for your customers. Graffiti, scratches or dirt make a store look less appealing. Cleaning your building can become very time-consuming and expensive. Sometimes, graffiti or scratching even leads to permanent damage to your façade. 

Robust and easy to clean façades 

Rockpanel offers a solution to the graffiti issues that more and more shops and stores are facing on a regular basis. All Rockpanel façade panels are easy to clean and have a robust surface that protects the façade from UV radiation. The colours are maintained optimally, so the building will continue to appear as originally intended without fading.

Premium protection against graffiti and scratching

With the robust and transparent Rockpanel ProtectPlus coating, it has now become even more easy to keep a nice and clean façade. Graffiti is easily washed off with a normal detergent without causing any change to the surface of the façade panels. This allows you to easily restore your façade in its full glory.

The ProtectPlus coating is resistant to the standard solvents used in most detergents. In addition, the smooth surface lets the rain water wash away normal dirt from the façade so it stays clean longer. Adding the ProtectPlus coating also makes your façade more resistant against scratches.



Façade panels that match any design choice 

Although easy maintenance and premium protection against graffiti were important factors for Jem & Fix, they didn’t want to compromise on their design vision. Within the broad product range that Rockpanel offers, they found wood look-a-likes that caught their attention. They decided to go for three different versions of Rockpanel Woods, which were installed in a tilted pattern to strengthen the experience of woodwork.