A collaboration of great minds and inspiration

A collaboration of great minds and inspiration


The creative process

It’s always inspiring to see great work, it helps in the creative process and acts as a stepping stone to greatness. On our reference locator based on Google Maps technology, you are a couple of clicks away from seeing just how creative you can be with ROCKPANEL boards – but of course these projects are all unique to the architect who had the vision to use ROCKPANEL façade boards to clad their creation, so now it’s your turn to create history and leave a lasting legacy of your creative talent.

Beside a thumbnail visual of the outstanding work you will see a brief summary of the project:

  • Project description
  • Address details (the location is also shown on the map)
  • The name of the architect (if known)
  • Project photos: this opens a special viewer with stunning project images
  • Case Study: where available a case study can be accessed - if more information is available you will see a “Project information” button

Case studies

Within our case studies section you can read about the architect’s vision, the contractor’s experience and the owner’s opinion of their outstanding building designs.

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ROCKPANEL Reference Cards

Without exception, we are incredibly proud of the projects we’ve been involved with. So much so that we’ve also created a set of printed reference cards.

> You can request your own set here

Get inspired by some great ROCKPANEL projects  in your neighbourhood