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Rockpanel Exterior Cladding

Your creativity doesn’t have to be compromised when it comes to selecting an exterior façade cladding system. Our extensive range of external cladding boards allows you to choose and specify the right façade system at the right time for the right project.

Incredibly easy to work with, cost efficient and above all aesthetically attractive, the exterior of your building can be brought to life with our easy to shape and highly versatile broad range of products, available in an assortment of colours and designs to suit your creative needs.

With a minimum amount of waste together with ease and speed of installation, choosing Rockpanel products also make financial sense too. Overall, it’s amongst the most cost efficient methods of cladding renovation or new build projects.

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New build or renovation project

All over Europe, our ventilated façade systems have been specified in both new build and renovation projects. Ideal for single family houses, apartment blocks, education institutes, health care facilities and commercial and industrial buildings, Rockpanel enables you to turn your creative vision in to a design that protects those inside too.

Get inspired by our cases
Navigation Campus, Technology Park with Rockpanel Colours & Rockpanel Woods in Kazan, Russia

Applying your creativity couldn’t be easier

Rockpanel board material can be applied in the following ways:

Patchwork - On a timber or metal frame
Rockpanel Exterior Cladding - Patchwork
Curved - On a timber frame
Rockpanel Extrior Cladding - Curved application
Shiplap (Easy Fix) - On a timber frame
Rockpanel Exterior Cladding - Shiplap (Easy Fix)
Tongue & Groove - Rockpanel Lines² on a timber frame
 Rockpanel Exterior Cladding - Tongue & Groove (Rockpanel Lines²)

Create your vision using a ventilated facade system and protect those inside

More than ever, building managers and architects are specifying decorative boards, like Rockpanel external cladding, that offer thermal and waterproofing benefits to their ventilated construction, while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Rockpanel products applied in a ventilated façade system contribute to a healthy indoor climate to work, rest and play.

When compared to a standard ventilated brick wall construction, Rockpanel exterior cladding boards use considerably less space, which results in a larger indoor area offering the same, or in many cases better thermal performance. Plus, it’s quick and easy to install and requires low maintenance bringing the total cost of the building envelope down.