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All over Europe, our ventilated façade systems have been specified in both new build and renovation projects. Ideal for single family houses, apartment blocks, education institutes, health care facilities and commercial and industrial buildings, Rockpanel enables you to turn your creative vision in to a design that protects those inside too.

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Navigation Campus, Technology Park with Rockpanel Colours & Rockpanel Woods in Kazan, Russia

F.A.Q. about Rockpanel exterior cladding

What are the advantages of a ventilated facade construction?

Rockpanel exterior cladding fits perfectly into your ventilated facade construction. But what is a ventilated facade exactly? The concept of a ventilated facade was created in Norway. The technique of building exterior timber clad walls with openings on the top and bottom for water drainage was first used on storage barns. Scientific research later showed that a ventilated facade has a lot of advantages. Read more.

How should i fix Rockpanel facade boards?

When you’re cladding a facade, you want to achieve the best possible result. Not only technically, but also aesthetically. The type of fixing method you use can have a major influence. As we want to help you create the building of your dreams, there is a wide range of fixing options for Rockpanel available. From visible screws and rivets to semi-invisible nails or even completely invisible fixing methods. It’s up to you! Read more. 

Where can you buy Rockpanel exterior cladding?

Do you want to buy Rockpanel? Good choice! These sustainable, low-maintenance facade boards are perfect for every facade or one of the many roofline applications. But where can you buy Rockpanel exterior cladding? Read more.

How fire safe is Rockpanel exterior cladding?

Rockpanel façade cladding, made of rock wool, is naturally resistant to very high temperatures and therefore very fire-resistant. For high-rise buildings and high-risk buildings, Rockpanel recommends the use of non-combustible (Euro class A1-A2) cladding and insulation. Our A2 façade panels meet the highest European fire safety standards and are classified as Euro class A2-s1, d0: non-flammable. Read more.

What are the options regarding Rockpanel corner solutions?

Working on your dream building? Then you know that even the smallest details matter. That’s why we offer an extensive range of corner solutions for your facade. No matter what method of installation you choose or which look you’re going for: there’s always a matching solution available. Read more. 

Can I use Rockpanel boards for non-ventilated applications?

Rockpanel exterior cladding is used for many different applications, including facades and various roofline applications. Although we usually recommend to use Rockpanel as part of a ventilated facade, it is possible to use Rockpanel boards for non-ventilated applications under specific conditions. Read more.

Rockpanel prices: how much does Rockpanel cladding cost?

How much does Rockpanel cost? When you’re looking to buy exterior cladding, the material costs usually are one of the factors to take into account when making your choice. But to get a good view of the costs – and benefits – of a certain investment, it’s recommended to look at the Total Cost of Ownership. Read more.