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Every building has been created with a vision to tell its own story. As the saying goes ‘never judge a book by its cover’ – well in our case you can do just that! Because the story comes to life when your building is using Rockpanel facades.

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case studie passiefhuis belgie
Residential - Single family houses
11 Jun 2020

Rockpanel exterior cladding gives imposing passive house a clean look

One of the largest certified passive houses in the world can be found in the town of Amay (Belgium). On a very spacious plot, beautifully located on the edge of a forest, Myriam Sendon and Bruno Diliberto built their dream house, designed by architect firm DSH. Rockpanel is one of the proud partners of this remarkable self build project, which is unique in its genre.

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case studie koningslaan nederland
Residential - Blocks of flats
11 Jun 2020

False vertical joint adds royal touch to residential building

In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, an apartment complex of over 90 metres long was built. Despite the imposing length, the building at the Koningslaan doesn’t look long or monotone, thanks to a clever design by architect firm ZAAK VAN NN. A smart combination of different materials, including Rockpanel Colours cladding, creates a beautiful and powerful result.

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case studie moerzeke belgie
Residential - Single family houses
11 Jun 2020

A modern house with a fresh, sleek appearance

In the Belgian village Moerzeke, Wim Smekens, owner of Smekens Constructors BVBA, has clad his own house with Rockpanel exterior cladding. As a contractor specialising in roofs and facades, he already knew the product very well. Thanks to his many positive experiences, there was no doubt that he would choose Rockpanel products for his own home.

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Biosphera Equilibrium
Public - Other
09 Jun 2020

Biosphera Equilibrium: an innovative housing unit clad with Rockpanel

What does the house of the future look like? Biosphera Equilibrium, an innovative housing solution, gives a sneak preview of what it could be like. This traveling passive house prototype may be small, but offers everything you need for a pleasant, healthy and green life. Both ROCKWOOL and Rockpanel products have been used to help obtain the desired result.

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Skyline Bournemouth (Oxford Road Student Accommodation)
Residential - Blocks of flats
04 Jun 2020

Firesafe and vibrant facade for high-rise student accommodation

Located on Oxford Road in the heart of busy Lansdowne, the hub of student life for thousands of Bournemouth University’s students,

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Case study Kreis Soltau
Residential - Other
03 Jun 2020

Award-winning sustainable home in Germany

There are many ways to build a smart and sustainable home. The planners from Cousin Architekt chose an efficient, modular construction method for a new residential building in the Soltau district in Germany. The timber frame that forms the basis of the house can be completely dismantled. In addition, only ecologically and biologically suitable materials were used. As facade cladding, Rockpanel Colours and Rockpanel Lines² were chosen because of their sustainability and their excellent fire protection properties. Building a house with natural materials

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