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Every building has been created with a vision to tell its own story. As the saying goes ‘never judge a book by its cover’ – well in our case you can do just that! Because the story comes to life when your building is using Rockpanel facades.

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Multi-unit residential in Qinngorput, Nuuk, Greenland cladded with Rockpanel Woods Rhinestone Oak, Carbon Oak, Marble Oak and Rockpanel Colours RAL 095 50 50 in 8 mm Durable.
Residential - Blocks of flats
21 Aug 2019

Elegant façade harmonizes with Greenland's light and nature

Strong colours combined with shades of wood and earth are the pillars of the architecture of Greenlandic cities and towns. In a new residential building in Nuuk, Rockpanel façade cladding harmoniously plays together with climate, light and nature.

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Tours Bièvre in Antony, France cladded with Rockpanel Colours and Woods facade cladding
Residential - Blocks of flats
26 Jul 2019

Housing project refurbishment combines fire safety and design - Bièvre towers Antony Paris

Many architects face the challenge of designing buildings that do not only fulfil their dreams when it comes to design, but which also ensure optimum fire safety. There are several ways to comply with safety and building regulations, but what is the best option when you don’t want to compromise on design?

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Student home Kotville, Brugge - Belgium. Rockpanel Woods, Rockpanel Colours.
Residential - Blocks of flats
25 Jul 2019

Kotville student housing complex stands out while fitting in - Kotville Brugge

Finding the balance between standing out and blending into the environment, was the challenge the architects of Kotville were facing. BAU Architectenbureau B. & C. Coussée designed the new student housing complex in Brugge (Belgium), which is located between an expressway and a single-family housing.

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Swimming pool Wodny Park in Tychy, Poland cladded with Rockpanel Chameleon facade cladding
Commercial - Other
22 Jul 2019

Innovative water park in Poland makes heads turn - Wodny Park Tychy

Wodny Park in Tychy is the most energy-efficient water park in Poland, and maybe even in Europe. The innovative, multi-award-winning building takes colourful to the next level. With its stunning Rockpanel Chameleon facades, it attracts a lot of attention.

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Houses in Wijbosch, Netherlands cladded with Rockpanel Woods facade cladding
Residential - Single family houses
18 Jul 2019

Beukenhof Wijbosch - Natural appearance of facades anchors new residential development in the surrounding landscape

The owners of the new homes in this project in the grounds of the former Sint-Servatius church in Wijbosch, Brabant recently opened their front doors for the first time. The project has transformed the former church and other buildings into a residential development named De Beukenhof. The stand-out feature of the homes is their rugged, contemporary architecture that seamlessly weaves the new into the fabric of the existing landscape thanks to its clever and original use of natural materials.

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Sheffield Hallam University, in Sheffield, United Kingdom with glued and routed Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding
Public - Schools / Universities
28 Jun 2019

Sheffield Hallam University: Bringing art to the heart of the campus

Rockpanel façades have formed the stunning canvas for a specially commissioned, three storey carving on the new ‘Heart of the Campus’ building at Sheffield Hallam University. The facility offers over 7,400m2 of teaching, study and social space, and is central to the University’s goal of providing the highest quality facilities and teaching space for its 35,000 students.

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