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Every building has been created with a vision to tell its own story. As the saying goes ‘never judge a book by its cover’ – well in our case you can do just that! Because the story comes to life when your building is using Rockpanel facades.

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EromesMarko office building and factory in Wijchen, Netherlands cladded with Rockpanel Woods (custom design) facade cladding.
Commercial - Office / administration
29 Oct 2019

Unique wooden facade makes factory a true eye-catcher

EromesMarko’s headquarters has undergone a real transformation. The company, which creates innovative educational environments, has three production locations in the Netherlands. The factory in Wijchen, located next to the main office, was originally built in 1967. After the building had already been extended multiple times throughout the years, it now required a full renovation. Architect Martijn de Waal (DUAL architects) designed a factory building in which sustainability is a key factor – both inside and out.

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Eyot House (Multi Family House) in Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom cladded with A2 (FS-Xtra) in seven RAL colours plus Metallics Graphite Grey and Woods Cherry facade cladding.
Residential - Blocks of flats
28 Oct 2019

Beautiful, fire resistent Rockpanel façade for Eyot House, Bermondsey, London

Rockpanel is busy working across the UK on projects where regulations amended in 2018, regarding buildings over 18 metres high, mean their exterior cladding systems must comply with stringent fire safety performance characteristics.

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Sherwin office in Kortenberg, Belgium cladded with Rockpanel Chameleon facade cladding.
Commercial - Office / administration
24 Sep 2019

New chameleon facade in Belgium is an instant hit

Being a finishing company known for delivering renovation projects with a powerful, striking appearance, it was clear from the beginning that Sherwin wanted to transform their new office building into a true showpiece. Of course, that needed to include a facade that really stands out from the crowd. Thanks to the magical colour effect of Rockpanel Chameleon, the building has become a real eye-catcher in the area.

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The new Sydhaven school in Copenhagen, Denmark with Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding
Public - Schools / Universities
23 Sep 2019

The school as a binding factor between a city and its harbour

In Sydhavnen (South Harbour), a district of Copenhagen, you can find a school quite unlike any other. The architecture reflects the school’s vision of being a binding factor between the city, the harbour and the community.

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Sports hall 'Lärkan' in Sala, Sweden cladded with Rockpanel Stones Mineral Rust and Basalt Iron facade cladding.
Commercial - Gymnasiums / sportshalls
12 Sep 2019

A unique look for Sala's new sports hall

Only a year after the construction started, the new 'Lärkan' sports hall in Sala (Sweden) opened its doors. And it is, to say the least, unique in its design. The city's new sports hall will not only bring joy to athletes, but also offer a beautiful feature of the city's architecture with its artistic facade with beautiful lighting effects.

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Tours Bièvre in Antony, France cladded with Rockpanel Colours and Woods facade cladding
Residential - Blocks of flats
26 Jul 2019

Housing project refurbishment combines fire safety and design - Bièvre towers Antony Paris

Many architects face the challenge of designing buildings that do not only fulfil their dreams when it comes to design, but which also ensure optimum fire safety. There are several ways to comply with safety and building regulations, but what is the best option when you don’t want to compromise on design?

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