All Rockpanel boards are as durable as stone and resistant to the effects of moisture, temperature and the weather.

All our Rockpanel products, except for Rockpanel Natural and Rockpanel Ply, are supplied with a water-based coating as standard. The coating offers very good UV resistance so that the colour is preserved for a long time. It is however recommended that the boards be cleaned occasionally with a cleaning solution such as car shampoo or an all-purpose cleaner. We advise against the use of solvents.

Maintenance of Rockpanel

The purest version of our board, Rockpanel Natural, changes colour under the influence of natural elements such as sunlight, wind, rain and other environmental factors. The effect depends purely on the elements at a micro-level.

Due to the changing and varied weather conditions, the exact effect and the uniformity of the weathering on your panels cannot be predicted.If there is undesirable dirt on your Rockpanel Natural boards, you can gently remove it with a wire brush.

Be cautious though, too much pressure on the brush will partly remove the naturally weathered surface. Don’t worry too much if you get carried away though, as in time it will blend back in with the rest of the weathered panel.

Offices and factory of the Brunner family business in Eggenfelden, Germany with Rockpanel Natural exterior cladding