Lots of benefits
Rockpanel boards have a unique composition which, gives each and every board the longevity of stone with the added flexibility of being as easy to work with as wood.

Most Rockpanel boards in our range are covered by a protective film, so they arrive with you in perfect condition. You can use the film to markup measurements and to aid the installation process.

When to remove the protective film:

  • after mounting, if fixing the boards mechanically with screws or manual nailing
  • before installing when using a nail gun
rockpanel protective foil


Standard tools

Standard tools can be used to cut

When you cut Rockpanel products, the following tools can be used:- hand saw, e.g. a hard point hand saw- circular saw, e.g. a fine-toothed Widia saw blade- fretsaw, e.g. a fine-toothed saw blade for metal or a saw blade with tungsten granulesBecause Rockpanel boards can be customized on-site using regular tools, all detailing and optimal finishing is a much easier task and no special knowledge is required.


(Pre-)drilling recommended

(Pre-)drilling not always required but recommended

Unlike other board materials, Rockpanel boards are dimensionally stable, so you don’t need to worry about the boards warping due to temperature or humidity changes. Pre-drilling is recommended when fixing the boards on a timber frame using Rockpanel screws. When fixing the boards on a metal frame using rivets, (pre-)drilling can be done with a HSS drill.


Personal protection

Protect yourself against dust

Just as you would when cutting timber, we advise anyone cutting and drilling a Rockpanel board to wear a dust mask (type P2) and standard personal protection equipment such as safety spectacles and gloves. It is also recommended to use dust-reducing cutting equipment in combination with an exhaust hood in a well-ventilated room. When cutting outdoors, position the equipment so that the wind blows away the dust and where possible also use dust-reducing cutting equipment.


Safe to work with

Rockpanel boards are safe to work with

Rockpanel cladding is produced from basalt, a natural and sustainable volcanic stone, it is one of the most extensively researched and tested building materials on the market today. Rockpanel products are safe to work with and offer no threat to those working with the material.