Product Overview

Rockpanel Basic applications: A simply great way to renovate

Within the Rockpanel Basic Segment you find the right products to renovate your building as you like. Roofline and facade show one harmonious and refreshing view which you can give an additional signature by using a specific detailing.

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Private house with Rockpanel Uni/Colours

Rockpanel Design facades -Explore shapes and colours freely

In the Rockpanel Design facade segment you find products which can give your project any possible shape and colour combination. With an extended colour scheme and easy to bend boards you can give each building an expressive character and its own, unique identity.

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project coppergate

Nature Facades - Play around with natural surfaces & designs

With the products in the Rockpanel Nature Segment you can perfectly implement the organic aspect of nature in your creation. As a result, your building will become one with its surrounding.

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New school building cladded with Rockpanel Woods, located in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands

Rockpanel Premium Facades - Make a unique statement

With Rockpanel Premium you can create impressive facades, which are unique and representative. If you don’t want to compromise on the design and detail of your project, Rockpanel premium facades are the right choice for you. Find the right facade solutions – without limits.

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New build office building with Rockpanel Woods in Krakowie, Poland

Rockpanel Planks - When lines are required |

Play around with traditional facade designs – use lines as a continuous element or to provide a stylish touch. Your design is all about the lines, perfect symmetry or abstract – you know that you can pick out the buildings best features by accentuating the lines. Rockpanel Lines² gives you the freedom to work your vision into a reality and is a perfect long lasting, low maintenance replacement for wooden tongue and groove panels.

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Renovation of part of the facade of a private house iwht Rockpanel Lines² in Menaldum, The Netherlands