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It’s always inspiring to see great work, it helps in the creative process and acts as a stepping stone to greatness. On our reference locator based on Google Maps technology, you are a couple of clicks away from seeing just how creative you can be with Rockpanel boards – but of course these projects are all unique to the architect who had the vision to use Rockpanel facade boards to clad their creation, so now it’s your turn to create history and leave a lasting legacy of your creative talent.

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Every building has been created with a vision to tell its own story. As the saying goes ‘never judge a book by its cover’ – well in our case you can do just that! Because the story comes to life when your building is using Rockpanel facades.

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Apartment complex ‘‘t Bakenshof’ in Horst, The Netherlands
Residential - Blocks of flats
04 Feb 2019

Former assisted-living centre given a new lease of life

What to do with a strongly outdated assisted-living centre that has no future in its present form, but that’s still too young for demolition? This was the dilemma several parties were facing in the Dutch municipality of Horst.

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The Maasniel school project in Roermond, The Netherlands wth Rockpanel Brilliant & Woods exterior cladding.
Public - Schools / Universities
25 Dec 2018

Trees as a source of inspiration for a new school building

How do you design a school extension with four classrooms, a new library, an open-air theatre and a central assembly area and open-air teaching space so that it reflects the spirit of our time in every respect?

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The Fahrenheit building in Montpellier, France with Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding
Public - Office / administration
23 Oct 2018

Aesthetics and energy efficiency are its hallmarks

Located in the Hippocrate Commercial Area to the east of Montpellier, the Fahrenheit building accommodates several businesses and medical offices. This refined and HQE-certified architectural design blends elegantly into its environment.

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Apartment block 't Zicht with Rockpanel Colours in Leusden, The Netherlands
Residential - Blocks of flats
23 Oct 2018

Gentle giants, in harmony with the landscape

With their eye-catching design 't Zicht ONB architects was selected for the realisation of two buildings with 50 apartments at the very northern edge of Leusden.

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Navigation Campus, Technology Park with Rockpanel Colours & Rockpanel Woods in Kazan, Russia
Commercial - Schools / Universities
23 Oct 2018

Extraordinary 3D façade to reflect innovation at The Navigator Campus

The innovation at work on the technology park is reflected in the façade of the building – the 3D façade was clad with a combination of Rockpanel Woods Beech and Rockpanel Colours, to provide this high-tech building with an original look.

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New school building cladded with Rockpanel Woods, located in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands
Public - Schools / Universities
23 Oct 2018

A unique project: ‘The Tree House' community school in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands

Architect Sebastiaan Robben played an important role in the realisation of the project. Together with his colleagues, his vision was to create a unique tree house concept. He chose to use Rockpanel Woods to bring the project to life.

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