Housing project refurbishment combines fire safety and design

Many architects face the challenge of designing buildings that do not only fulfil their dreams when it comes to design, but which also ensure optimum fire safety. There are several ways to comply with safety and building regulations, but what is the best option when you don’t want to compromise on design?

Innovative façade cladding and insulation

Because of the height, the building type (housing) and number of windows, it was immediately clear for architect Morawiec that fire safety would play an important part in refurbishing the Bièvre towers located in a suburb of Paris. “After we had done our research very thoroughly, we decided to choose a combination of stone wool isolation from ROCKWOOL and Rockpanel Woods and Colours for the façade cladding.” Although it was the first time for the architect group to use this innovative solution, it certainly won’t be the last time: everyone is very enthusiastic about the result.  

Wood lookalike made from basalt

As the housing complex was very outdated, there was a strong focus on improving the appearance of the buildings. The architect group presented two designs to their client, housing association Hauts-de-Bièvre Habitat. “The first option included a faded colour effect and the second one would look more like a chocolate fountain. It’s the second option that has been selected by the building owner and it works very well. The Rockpanel Woods panels look so much like real wood. I find It absolutely astonishing.” 

The refurbished towers are located on the hills of the town of Antony. They immediately catch your eye thanks to the striking design. The new look of the Bièvre towers undoubtedly contributes to the general attractiveness of the neighbourhood as a whole and to the residents’ perception. 

Tours Bièvre in Antony, France cladded with Rockpanel Colours and Woods facade cladding

Project information

Tours Bièvre I, II et III

Hauts-de-Bièvre Habitat

Irèna Morawiec, Architecte Associée Groupe Arcane Architectes