Although Søndervig's brand new waterworks is designed to blend into the rustic West Jutland landscape, the facade still offers an elegant detail. The building in Denmark is clad with a robust facade, including perforated panels. The LED lights behind the panels light up the dark hours.

A waterworks is a technical building that supplies water to the local community where the function of the building often gets more attention than its aesthetics. That's why a well-chosen detail on the facade can mean so much more to the overall look of the building. This is the case with Søndervig's new and modern waterworks, completed in the summer of 2022.

With the harsh West Jutland weather and wind in mind - and considering the particularly exposed facade facing west - the building is clad with durable materials. Jacob Frimor, owner of Fungerium, the architectural firm behind the design of the waterworks, explains:

Used products:

Rockpanel Stones (Mineral Rust)
Rockpanel Stones (Concrete Platinum)
Rockpanel Colour (RAL7016)

“Since the building is located right next to the North Sea, the emphasis was to design a building that can withstand the harsh weather conditions and will last for many years. Therefore, materials focused on durability and easy replacement were chosen. The result is a robust waterworks that is modest rather than flashy, but still blending in well with its surroundings.”
Rockpanel Case Study
Soendervig Vandvaerk
Rockpanel Stones Mineral Rust
Rockpanel Stones Concrete Platinum
Rockpanel Colours RAL 7016

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