Contrast between old and new in the heart of Bruges

The external facade of Hotel Academie, located in the heart of Bruges, looks pretty different since it was renovated thoroughly. The Rockpanel Stones Mineral Chalk facade panels give the hotel a beautiful light and modern look. Thhotel owner fell for the combination of aesthetics, the easy processing and the low maintenance of this material. He’s not the only one who’s happy with the result: hotel guests really like it too, and more and more tourists find their way to this charming family hotel.   

Hotel Academy Bruges

Used products: Rockpanel Stones - Mineral Chalk



Project: Hotel Academy
Location: Bruges, BE
Type building: Hotel ( HELO - Leisure)
Project finished: October 2019
Photocredits: Marc Sourbron photography
Rockpanel products: Rockpanel Stones Mineral Chalk
Distributor: Vandenbroecke Hout te Beernem

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