If you need to renovate a facade, you might as well go for a complete makeover. For Hotel Årjäng in Sweden, this was the case. The old plastered facade was replaced with durable facade panels from Rockpanel, featuring artwork with local roots. The hotel building was made even more futureproof by the addition of solar panels.  

The exterior of the hotel building is the first thing that meets the eye when guests arrive. Therefore, it is important that the facade gives a welcoming and pleasant impression. At the same time, it equally important that the facade meets all necessary functional requirements.  

Used products:

Rockpanel Colours RAL 9001, RAL 7022, RAL 3009, RAL 8024 och RAL 0504040


Project information:

Project: Hotel Årjäng 
LocationÅrjäng, Sweden 
ArchitectTengbom (Karlstad) 
Main contractor: PEAB 
Building ownerÅBAB 
Artist: Lena Hautoniemi 
Products: Rockpanel Colours RAL 9001, RAL 7022, RAL 3009, RAL 8024 and RAL 0504040

Used products: